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LETTER: What's the connection between vehicular manslaughter in Virginia at a White Supremacist rally and a rape in Burien? 3Dear Editor,

What is the connection between vehicular manslaughter in Virginia at a White Supremacist rally and a rape in Burien?

As I watch the national events unfold about a White Nationalist rally in Virginia I am struck by a dialog I recently participated in on Facebook on the ‘Burien Proud Burien First’ page. As I was deleted from that group, I will address my remarks here where I assume the response remarks will be more uniformly moderated.

Dear BPBF Admin,

On Facebook you twice posted links (here’s one):

1. ICE: Illegal Immigrant Charged With Brutally Raping Teen was Dreamer – Happening Now

2. With the comment, “This is so sad”.

3. When pressed you said, the point of posting was. “information.”
This is more than sad, it is using this rape to say to people in our community should feel threatened by all the undocumented immigrants in our community and it is why you support Initiative 1.

The above (1, 2, & 3) are facts; here is another fact:
Yesterday, known nazi sympathizer James Fields 20 of Maumee Ohio allegedly killed Heather Heyer aged 32 and injured 19 others when he rammed his car into a group peacefully protesting on Saturday in Charlottesville Virginia:

What is the connection between vehicular manslaughter in Virginia at a White Supremacist rally and a rape in Burien? Should I now use this as my poster child and conflate his behavior to support of Initiative 1? This is not as far-fetched as many will say it is.

The connection is NOT that all immigrants are racists etc. The connection is that there is an uprise in violence since the inauguration of the Donald Trump and threats and violence from extreme right wing groups are on the rise across the USA focussed huge spectrum of people from immigrants to Jews; ask any editor of any news organization. Further, by not condemning this behavior the POTUS is tacitly approving it.

I, IMO, not anyone else’s opinion, maintain that by taking the position you have you have stepped on the slippery slope to violence against minority and religious communities. By posting the crime in the context of Initative 1, I maintain this is tacit encouragement to fringe members of our community to act out the same violence you abhor. I am respectfully asking you IS THIS TRULY WHAT YOU WANT?

I believe in the goodness of humanity, i know there is fear of violence, loss of prosperity and fear of the unknown. But Initiative 1 is not the answer it is part of the problem.

Is this really what we want?

To see more not less violent behavior?

Do we want to see violence come to Burien?

Would you feel like there is blood on your hands if something horrible happened?

As someone who believes in the goodness of people and my neighbors, I cannot even let that thought enter my heart (nor do I believe that you do). I maintain holding up this rape IS NOT about making our community safer it is actually making us less safe because it encourages the mentally unstable to act out.

Would you be advocating as you do if you could be charged with a crime?


We have a choice, right now, for who we want to be, what we teach our children. We have little control over national politics but we can do a lot in our community. I maintain we need to come together and that we need to look back to the 1930’s and not repeat what happened then. I just don’t understand how anyone can support Initiative 1 and not see it on a spectrum of hate and violence. I don’t buy this is about the rule of law. I maintain something far darker is contained within and we cannot go there for the above stated reasons.

Please respond with numerical data and facts why you believe otherwise?

– David Feinberg

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