King County Judge orders sanctuary repeal measure off Burien's Nov. ballot 1 By Jack Mayne The move to repeal the Burien sanctuary ordinance was halted on Thursday (Sept. 14) because it “exceeds the scope of the initiative authority granted to the people of the City of Burien” (download PDF of court doc here) The order said Measure 1 “exceeds the scope of the initiative authority granted to the people of the City of Burien, that it is administrative in nature.” The judge said King County Elections “are prohibited from including or placing Measure 1 on the November 7, 2017 ballot.” King County Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Berns said delaying its appearance on the ballot does “injure the city or its residents,” and is not a denial of the value of the move. “The injury if Measure No. 1 is placed on the ballot now outweighs any delay in having the Measure on the ballot at a future point in time; mere delay is not the same as an outright denial.” Judge Berns said the political committee that sought the delay – the “Burien Communities For Inclusion – “has established a clear legal right, a well-grounded fear of immediate invasion of that right to put the matter on a public ballot” and if it were on the November ballot it would “result in actual and substantial injury.” The judge also said the petition used to gather signatures for the issue violated state law by “deviating from the requirements for the contents and form of a petition,” as set forth in state law. “I’m very happy the lawsuit was successful and that Burien will continue to be a welcoming and inclusive city that cherishes the people from all backgrounds that are proud to call it home,” resident and community activist Hugo Garcia told The B-Town Blog. Garcia is a member of Burien Represent, as well as Burien Communities for Inclusion, which filed the complaint. He is also an immigrant who grew up in B-Town. Thursday was also the deadline for King County ballots to go to print.]]>