LETTER: Building owner opposes change of use on building for Noble Healthcare

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Response to: “Open House for proposed new Burien mental health care home will be Jan. 10”:

Dear Editor,

I’m the current owner of the CRI Building. Although no seller can control a buyer’s future use of a property, through the process of the transaction with Noble Healthcare I was led to believe the following:

  • No patient would have a criminal history
  • No single patient could leave the building at-will unsupervised without a caregiver
  • Every patient would be age 55-years and older

After attending the meeting Thursday night I learned this was not accurate. I oppose the change of use on the building to an ESF and would like to apologize to the community for the stress this has caused.

I believe ESF’s can have a major positive contribution and that patients deserve compassionate, quality care that Noble can provide. This specific building location, however, is not a fit. There are far better locations with supporting shopping, recreation and other facilities in closer proximity – locations that are further away from schools.

As a father of two daughters that attended Creative Minds (love you Mr. Will and Yvette), St. Francis, and currently Kennedy Catholic, and as a husband whose wife continues to own a business just across the street, we value the character of the community. I have operated my business here for 20-years and have lived in the area my entire life. When the group of kids from Creative Minds walk by my office, I’m the guy that opens the window and waves to them. It’s been a tradition ever since my kids were there. I, as much as anyone, know the number of kids that walk right by this building every day. I want to help in keeping this incredible community the best that it can be for them.

I appreciate the level of interest and involvement by the community and the research that went into Nicole Cary’s B-Town Blog Letter. This uncovered crucial details contrary to my understanding of the planned ESF.

The first question that came up in the meeting was “Why Here?” The Westers told me they were looking in Capitol Hill and stated they couldn’t find a quality building there. I don’t know how much research went into the Seahurst community, but I know the physical structure was significant, when the neighborhood should have played a far larger role.

I can’t emphasize enough, I believe ESF’s and the needed care they provide are a great contribution to society. The 4 to 1 staffing ratio and the level of specialized care is commendable. I wish Josh, Cale and Zack all the best in providing this care but feel the only way to succeed is to find a location that’s a great fit. My family joins in the opposition of an ESF in this location.

Dusty Dunkle

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