Suz Muse: ‘I have been hooked on the Great British Bake Off’

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By Suzanne Greive

I have been hooked on the ‘Great British Bake Off.’

I think the reason I love having it on is because they are so kind to one another. They encourage each other and help one another to finish just under the wire. When one gets voted off they cry and hug and encourage the participant. It’s a lovely change from other reality shows. They are kind, creative, and supportive to one another. It encouraged me to go to Bakery Nouveau around the holidays to try out several traditional european treats.

When I was little my grandmother would spend one day a week baking bread. She would make extra dough and fry it into yummy little donuts for the kids. The whole house smelled amazing. Baking bread now brings a comforting feeling to me.

When I first decided I wanted to give baking another try I started with sourdough. I don’t know what I was thinking. I should have just started out with regular yeasted bread. Sourdough starter needs feeding and maintenance. I have tried to keep it fed and alive and it does make lovely crusty bread but I have only achieved a lovely loaf through much trial and error.

When I watch youtube on baking bread or read a recipe they suggest certain bread making tools. Every time I would say to myself “I don’t need that, I can just use _____” (fill in the blank). Well, NO, it ends up if they suggest a certain tool, use it! Every loaf that didn’t turn out satisfactory was because I tried using the wrong tool or a shortcut. I’ve discovered all kinds of interesting flours and grains and have become obsessed with new combinations. I can just hear Paul Hollywood’s voice saying my bread was “ooooover prooooved” or Mary Berry saying my crust has a “soggy bottom”. It’s like disappointing your grandma. She’s so sweet.

I think in these days of unrest and bad news I find it comforting to just have on a show where people are kind to one another and encourages you to want to regain a long lost skill.

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