Suz Muse: ‘I for one, will miss the snow! ‘

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By Suzanne Greive

Oh how I love the snow! I’m sorry to see it go. It brings out the best in people. I had so much fun watching families go out walking together in all their snow gear heading to go get a hot chocolate. Neighbors shoveled my walkway every single day. Folks would get out of their cars to help push cars out of intersections and wave and cheer when they broke free.

Teenagers were flying by on sleds, skis and snowmobiles. Kids were building snowmen and having snowball fights. It’s just so much fun! It only lasts a few days and it just brings out the child in us.

It’s so peaceful and quiet when no cars are out and the snow is gently falling illuminated by the street lights. I save projects for when it snows or when I’m holed up in the house for more than a few days and I always go dig them out. I make soups, stews, breads, baked goods. I’m sure we gained several pounds in just a week of snow! I bring out my sewing projects or yarn and try to create something. I’ll grab a hot drink and a good book and snuggle in to a chair next to a window.

I know some people hate snow, but by the looks of all the happy families out walking town, that’s not the case for most. The bars are all loaded with people walking and day drinking. Hot drinks flow forth and everyone is talking and laughing. I think it’s great.

I did learn one new thing about myself that I never knew. For years and years I have told myself:

“If I ever have a week at home, I would get so much done! I will organize every closet, organize the basement, clean the whole house, and all I need is a solid week off.”

Well, I finally have found out that it’s not true! Problem is, we live here at the same time! I make more messes than I can clean up in a day and the whole place was worse after a week than better. At least that myth has been put to rest.

It’s still worth it though and I for one, will miss the snow!

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