Highline High Class of ’77 donates portable defibrillators to Tin Room, others

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This week, our friends at the Tin Room Bar & Theater (along with five other Burien establishments), received a gift from the Highline High School Class of 1977 – a portable defibrillator.

It all started when the HHS Class of ’77 gathered at the Tin Room last year to mark its 40th reunion:

  • The party had barely begun when the unthinkable happened – one of their classmates suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed to the ground.
  • As luck would have it, a classmate he was speaking with at the time had recently retired from the Burien Fire Department, and another had just completed a CPR course.
  • With their training, they immediately went into action and were able to properly administer CPR until paramedics arrived.

“We are thrilled and relieved to say that after a quadruple bypass, our classmate survived the ordeal and has made a full recovery,” organizers said in a letter. “But we know he is one of the few lucky ones. If he hadn’t been stricken in the presence of people who could provide immediate assistance, he might have been one of the much larger percentage of those who didn’t make it.”

This experience compelled the Class of ’77 to take action to help others.

“We wanted to do what we could to improve the odds of survival for others that suffer a heart attack in a public place and aren’t lucky enough to be surrounded by people trained to administer CPR,” they said. “To that end, we have raised enough money to purchase a Philips portable defibrillator for the Tin Room and five other Burien establishments, as selected by our class. We hope you will accept this gift; and ask that you keep it in a prominent place and make sure your staff familiarizes itself with its components and directions.”

The Tin Room was one of six local establishments to be gifted this life-saving device – valued at around $1,300 each – from the HHS alums. According to alum Jeff Harris, the others include Angelo’s, Elmer’s Pub, Elliot Bay Brewery, Side Street and The Point.

“The Highline High School Class of 1977 considers Tin Room to be an integral part of this community and hopes this defibrillator will assist you in being better prepared should the unthinkable happen,” they added. “Thank you for helping us improve the chances of more positive outcomes like the one mentioned above.”

And this gesture certainly touched the hearts of the Tin Room staff.

“We are honored that the Highline High School class of 1977 considers the Tin Room to be an integral part of this community and gives us this tool if the unthinkable happens in our neighborhood,” Tin Room Owner Danny House told The B-Town Blog. “We are very grateful.”

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