Today – Wednesday, April 22, 2020 – marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.

The annual celebration is traditionally marked by a variety of activities that bring friends, neighbors, families and coworkers outdoors to participate in educational events and volunteer events highlighting the critical importance of our natural ecosystems.

Although many such events have been cancelled in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the collective creativity within the community has developed a variety of fun and safe activities to celebrate Earth Day while practicing recommended safe distancing.

A few activities to explore include:

    • Survive the Sound Challenge – Long Live the Kings
      May 4-8 Sign-Up Now to Join the Miller Creek All-Stars (free)
      Pick a fish from a variety of fun characters (e.g., Seven-Fishy Seven) and represent your favorite watershed as part of the Miller Creek All-Stars team! Survive the Sound is an interactive online game where individuals follow their favorite fish character as it migrates through Puget Sound. The game uses real data collected as part of LLTK’s research efforts to tell the story of imperiled steelhead and the challenges they face.
    • Earth Field Trip Around the Globe – American Museum of Natural History
      9:00 am Virtual Field Trip
      Gather the whole family to #LearnWithMe for a live flight around the world to marvel at our planet’s natural wonders—from the Amazon rainforest to the Sahara Desert, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Himalayas!
    • Edible Earth Day Online Event – King Co. Library System 
      12:00 pm Zoom Presentation – Registration Required (Free)
      Honor the 50th Annual Earth Day by learning more about your garden. Celebrate our amazing pollinators that are essential to most of what we eat. Take some simple actions today to support beneficial insects. Surround yourself with edible flowers and herbs and create a bloom of biodiversity! Join garden educator Lisa Taylor and master gardener Bill Thorness, hosts of “The Gardener’s Shadow,” for an hour of sharing ideas, tips on getting started, DIY projects you can do now from home, and ways to love your little bit of nature to make every day Earth Day.
    • Earth Day Quizzes –
      Test your knowledge on a variety of natural environment themed topics.