On the agenda for Monday night’s (May 18, 2020) regular Burien City Council meeting: a final vote on closing the Burien Annex, fireworks, impacts of restaurant delivery charges on local businesses, COVID-19 funding and more.

The Annex at one time housed seven non-profits, of which two are still active tenants; both are now facing a deadline of July 31, 2020 to vacate, followed by a likely demolition at a cost of $350,000.

Despite numerous pleas to extend their leases – including a request for an “Option 3” (which is not included in the agenda) – city staff recommends the closure and demolition of the building. According to the agenda, the reasoning is:

“…due to the critical condition of most of the major systems in the building, existing health and safety hazards, and the cost ratio of renovating the building to reconstructing the building. A multi-departmental staff team recommends Option 1, demolishing the Annex, immediately following tenant relocation, beginning on August 1, 2020 for an estimated budget of $350,000.”

Download the full agenda packet here (PDF file).

The meeting will again be virtual and held online here, TV Channel 21 or via Zoom, starting at 7 p.m.


    • South King Housing and Homelessness Partners (SKHHP) Presentation on 2020 Work Plan (Angela San Filippo, SKHHP Executive Manager) SKHHP intro and work plan


    • Intro to Captain Troy Smithmeyer (Brian J. Wilson, City Manager)
    • Fireworks Ordinance & Response / Community Safety (Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney; Fire Chief Mike Marrs; Police Chief Theodore Boe)
    • Update on CARES Act Funding Process (Eric Christensen, Finance Director)

There are three ways to provide public comment:

    • Email (preferred): You can provide a public comment in advance by sending an email to [email protected] The City Clerk will read your comment aloud for up to two minutes per email comment during the meeting.
    • Text: Send a text to [email protected] (simply enter the email address in the “To:” line of the text) and the City Clerk will read your comment aloud for up to two minutes per text comment during the meeting.
    • Online (Zoom): If you are unable to provide public comment via email or text, and would still like to provide public comment during the meeting, you will need to login to the Zoom meeting that begins at approximately 7 p.m.


    • Impacts of Third Party Platform Delivery Charges on Local Restaurants (Chris Craig, Economic Development Manager, Lorraine Chachere, Economic Development Specialist / Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney) Update
    • Status of Funds Allocated to Mitigate COVID-19 Effects on Burien’s Vulnerable Populations (Colleen Brandt-Schluter, Human Services Manager) Update
    • Discussion on Preliminary CARES Act Funding Priority Needs in the City (Colleen Brandt-Schluter, Human Services Manager) Introduction and Discussion
    • Recommended Closure Options for the Community Center Annex Building (Carolyn Hope, PaRCS Director)
      Discussion and Potential Action
    • Introduction to Ordinance No. 740, Amending BMC 2.75.070(9) and BMC 2.75.080(6) Related to Emergency Powers (Garmon Newsom II, City Attorney)
    • City Council Planning Calendar (Brian J. Wilson, City Manager)