V.I.P. stands for ‘Very Important Pet’ at Sit ‘N Stay Pet Sitting

With many pet service providers available, it can be hard to know who to choose. With that in mind we asked Brittany Shelton of Sit ’N Stay Pet Sitting what makes her service unique.

“Well, I think it is a lot of small things that add up to a big difference,” Brittany said. “To begin with, each client’s visits are specifically tailored to their animal’s needs. I take into consideration temperament, energy level, dietary and health care requirements. I also spend extra time (at no charge) with new clients during the first couple visits to establish a relationship with the animal. This puts the pet at ease as they get to know my routines, energy and smell.”

Like other dog walkers, Brittany and her husband Barry do take groups of dogs together. However, unlike some others, each dog is specially vetted by Brittany to ensure that they will be compatible with each other based on behavior and socialization history.

“I never put a bunch of random dogs together and just expect them to get along,” she explains. “I also won’t take any more than four furkids on an excursion or playdate because that is what I can reasonably handle and still offer protection, awareness, and dole out attention. It’s important to me to be confident in handling the dogs I’m with, it helps us all build trust.”

Brittany plans excursions for each walk so that pets are properly stimulated and appropriately exercised, which often helps pet parents control or eliminate nuisance barking or other annoying or destructive behaviors.

All daily walks are done on an individual family basis or prearranged group and can be within your neighborhood or a quick excursion to one of our beautiful local parks or trails! You can even follow your pets on Instagram and Facebook @sitnstaypets, where Brittany often gives daily updates with photos and/or video. You may have seen shots from their Instagram right here on the blog!

Sit 'N Stay Pet Sitting

Brittany eagerly shares the philosophy that inspires her and her husband to go above and beyond to provide great service. “My client’s pets are an extension of my family and I’m so grateful they allow me to share a small part of their day.” Occasionally, Brittany likes to surprise her extended “family” with freshly baked goodies or small memory gifts she has crafted as a “thank you” or as a celebration of your furbabies life.

“Treating them like family also means keeping an eye out for anything the parent should be aware of, such as a change in behavior, bowels, a cough, or weepy eye, for example,” Brittany adds.

Brittany also offers expanded services such as Cold Laser Therapy to facilitate healing after injuries or surgeries, Dietary consultations for the picky eater or those needing guidance for medical reasons, Pet Taxi, SubQ fluid administration, injections and Dog Training.

V.I.P. stands for 'Very Important Pet' at Sit 'N Stay Pet Sitting 1She is also CPR certified, grew up on a farm and spent many years as a certified veterinary technician. These additional qualifications set her service apart, and have inspired several of her clients to seek her expertise to guide them in times of health concern or even hospice care.

Last, but not least, Brittany and Barry pride themselves on not leaving a trace that they were in someone’s home.

“My clients always arrive to a home where the trash/recycle from my visits are emptied, floors swept and vacuumed, pet dishes cleaned and areas picked up,” she said.

Both Barry and Brittany are also Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Don’t your “Very Important Pets” deserve the V.I.P. treatment? Call or click today to discover the difference you and your pet will appreciate.

Sit ‘N Stay Pet Sitting LLC
“We sit, they stay, while you’re away at work or play!”

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