Kennedy Catholic Lancers dim lights on Federal Way 40-8

Kennedy Catholic played the role of Thor, dropping its hammer on Federal Way during a 40-8 beating in local high school football action on Friday, Sept. 30, 2022

Neither squad could muster points in the first quarter, but the Lancers registered a 24-0 advantage at halftime over the Eagles.

Kennedy Catholic jumped to a 32-0 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

The gap remained steady with both teams scoring evenly in the fourth quarter.

The Lancers are now 4-1 for the season, and are in first place in the 4A North Puget Sound League.

Lindbergh produces precision performance against Evergreen 57-20

Lindbergh gathered points in bunches fueling an onslaught that downed the Evergreen Wolverines 57-20 on Friday, Sept. 30 in local football.

Evergreen is 0-4 for the season.

Tahoma dismantles Decatur 27-3

Tahoma earned a convincing 27-3 win over Decatur in a local high school football matchup on Friday, Sept. 30.

Tahoma stormed to a 27-3 bulge over Decatur as the fourth quarter began.

Both teams were blanked in the first, second and fourth quarters.

Surge sends Hazen past Mercer Island 37-22

Mercer Island dented the scoreboard first, but Hazen responded to earn a 37-22 decision during this local football game.

Mercer Island authored a promising start, taking a 3-0 advantage over Hazen at the end of the first quarter.

The Islanders took a 10-7 lead over the Highlanders heading to the halftime locker room.

Hazen broke in front at the beginning of the final quarter with a 16-10 lead over Mercer Island.

The Highlanders’ train of momentum chugged along the final-quarter tracks with a 21-12 points differential.

Liberty trips Juanita in tenacious tussle 28-21

Liberty fans held their breath in an uneasy 28-21 victory over Juanita for a local high school football victory on Friday, Sept. 30.

Convincing fashion: Mountainview handles Kent-Meridian 40-8

Mountainview gathered points in bunches fueling an onslaught that downed Kent-Meridian 40-8 in a local high school football matchup.

Kent-Meridian is 0-5 for the season.

Riverside rides the rough off Kentlake 27-14

Both teams gave a solid account in a clash neither deserved to lose, but Riverside prevailed over Kentlake 27-14 in a local high school football matchup.