1979282_10202500959458406_6905596652924333435_o Photo of Burien Transit Center Tuesday night (April 15) courtesy Amber Partosa.[/caption]

Photo of Burien Transit Center Tuesday night (April 15) courtesy David Linkem.
Photo courtesy David Linkem.
Burien Police and the King County Sheriff’s Office are both reporting of a stabbing at the Burien Transit Center Tuesday night (April 15), injuring two men. Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog that just before 8 p.m., police responded to reports of a fight at the transit center, located at 14900 4th Ave SW. One male, in his 30s, was found bleeding from being stabbed in his side. A second male was found bleeding from his head. “A third man jumped in and essentially broke the fight up,” West added. Both men were taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with non-life threatening injuries. Neither apparently is sharing much information at this time, West said. Here are some Tweets and photos from the incident:

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24 replies on “Fight between 2 men leads to stabbing at Burien Transit Center Tuesday night”

  1. I think it is called the “transient center” now that the cops are focusing on the library.

  2. The old transit center, the new transit center, they’ve always been a little wormhole to 3rd and pike.

  3. The Burien Transit center is NOT a safe place to be at night.
    This is not an isolated incident.
    The city should require a security guard in the evening hours from King County Metro.
    Either that or locate their transit center somewhere else.

    1. That’s ridiculous. That’s my bus stop too. I like that it is where it is. You want it move? Where?

      1. What’s ridiculous is identifying a dangerous area right in the middle of downtown Burien and doing nothing about it!

          1. I did read your post. You said it should be moved. Perhaps you should reread your own post. Now you suggest to add paid security while slashing funding. Smart this one is.

          2. If you had taken the time to actually read the link you would have found this (and it has nothing to do with slashing funding and everything to do with a bloated out of control bureaucracy that needs to manage itself more responsibly and stop asking tax payers to bail them out every year).
            Metro has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.
            Last year, Metro surpassed pre-recession revenue levels and collected an unprecedented $442,731,128 in
            taxpayer dollars. By Metro’s own projections, the transit agency is on course to exceed its own revenue projections in 2014.
            Since 2000, Metro’s tax revenue has increased by 56 percent and their operating costs by more than 80 percent. Added revenue streams in 2000, 2006, 2010 and 2011 have not been enough to offset Metro’s out of control spending.
            Metro received 4 significant revenue boosts through new taxes since 2000. In exchange, Metro promised to add service hours or prevent service hour cuts. Each and every time, Metro broke its promises to voters.
            Metro promises King County voters 575,000 added bus hours within 6 years. Voters approve a .2% sales tax hike. Six years later, Metro delivered a mere 36% of the amount promised to voters.
            Metro promises to add 700,000 bus hours within 10 years. Voters approve a .1% sales tax increase.
            Eight years later, Metro only managed to add 300,000 hours.
            Metro demands a share in property tax revenues. The County Council re-directs a portion of property tax revenue from existing public projects to Metro. Despite receiving $46.7 million in property tax revenue since 2012, Metro still faces a budget shortfall.
            Metro threatens a 17% cut in bus service if they do not receive an additional revenue source a $20 annual car tab. The County Council approves the car tab, Metro proceeds to cut bus services anyway.
            Metro threatens to cut 17% or 600,000 bus hours if voters do not approve new taxes. Excluding bus
            service cuts in 2011, the proposed cuts would eliminate every hour Metro added to bus service since 2000, plus an additional 100,000 hours.

    2. Many cars get broken into during the day in the transit center parking lot while the commuters are at work.

      1. yeah but that can happen any ware that’s why you not sup·pose to leave any valuable items in your car and have a alarm system that way if something does happen then the person is more likely to ether leave your car alone or get caught and you get call at work or where ever from the police

          1. Jimmy, they probably didn’t dislike your remark about keeping your car safe. They were probably giving you thumbs down because of all of the other nonsense you write on this blog.

          2. I think it has to with the fact that some people can’t stand the truth or be proven wrong so they come back at me with there crap and try to bicker with me and I defend myself or my comments and they now tend to use the voting system to there benefit after someone had a letter to the editor about people doing the samething to the group of the same people that tend to bicker with me and use the anonymous ways to hide there true identity on what ever I post and no I not going move away just because some uptight rich morons don’t like the truth

          3. Sadly, what you feel is the truth does not always match up with the majority opinion of what is reality.

      1. OK you want me to relocate to save the taxpayers millions or you want the transit center to relocate to saves million’s
        I never spent any ware near a million dollars and have never had a criminal record
        And the transit center tends to bring a lot business to BURIEN and helps reduce traffic and yes there is some crime but when you have 1000’s of people coming and going of course there is going to be a couple of criminals and a lot of the crime is most likely crimes of opportunitie were someone left a door unlocked or left a laptop on seat in plain site next thing you know you got a shattered window and no laptop
        So Mark if you want to be a bigot tords the disable then maybe you need to take that trash somewhere else buddy

  4. Jimmy, your ideas are reasonable. The way you express yourself however makes it difficult to take you seriously. My thought is that your goal should be to improve your grammar and spelling. In that way you would be more credible and more people would take your ideas more seriously.

    1. Thank you watchful it is something I been trying to work on in life so I am very glad for spell check when its working and my tablet does some of the punctuation but then there’s times I start to go on a rant and could care less about spelling and all that.

        1. not really highline’s fault I was born with learning disability’s and when I was put into the right school program in the highline district I did very well and even achieved a 4.0 of course they did not have many typing classes so I tend to make a lot typos when typing among my normal spelling errors
          p.s. has anyone else gotten a little confuse who is tbc and tcb

  5. Couple of points.
    Metro owns the land that the transit center is located on.
    It is one of metro’s busiest Transit Stations with thousands of boardings and transfers happening every week day.
    The level of crime is not really any different than when it was located on two sides of the street.
    It is much safer for transit riders since we don’t have to run back and forth across the street to make buses and transfers. Do you remember how bad traffic was through there during rush hours?
    There is parking off of the street for buses, a restroom for the drivers. The drivers do provide a few more “eyes” and there is a security camera system as well as emergency call stations. Waiting there late at night is much safer than what it used to be when It was on the street.
    As for the parking garage, it’s no more and no less safe than any other parking garage or parking lot throughout the greater Puget Sound region.

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