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Dayna’s Dose: Special Edition – COVID-19 – Hope for a new future – Video

I didn’t feel like writing last week, so I decided to express myself with images instead. My hope is that we will use this collective downtime as an opportunity to reevaluate both our personal lives and our lives as a community, resulting in a better future for all of us.

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DAYNA’S DOSE: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) – Pursuit of happiness and the Declaration of Independence

Challenging times cause us to reflect on what’s most important, what we truly value. The rules for our lives are changing daily. For some, our day starts with checking the news…

Thomas Jefferson contributed “pursuit of happiness” to the Declaration of Independence based on his political and spiritual beliefs. Beliefs which define happiness not as a momentary feeling of pleasure, but as an unchallengeable right to thrive, prosper and fulfill our potential—as a way of being—that we get to choose as long as it doesn’t encroach on the rights of others.

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DAYNA’S DOSE: COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus): How to not only cope but thrive in a climate of panic

I admit that prior to being asked to write this article on the Coronavirus, I was a member of the “Oh, come on—it’s just the flu” bandwagon. And while I’m still not worried that I personally could die from the virus (I’m not in the high-risk group), I now understand why those who are responsible for the lives of all citizens are concerned. It’s a pandemic and needs to be taken seriously. The good news is that with a little effort COVID-19 is completely preventable.

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DAYNA’S DOSE: The importance of imagination, play, and humor in adulthood

When we were children everything we did was play—activities done for the sheer pleasure of doing them, not to achieve any particular outcome. We used our imaginations and laughed easily. As adults, many of us have lost some of our ability to imagine and have become practical, goal-driven, and more concerned with playing by the rules than enjoying ourselves.

While play is vital to childhood development, it is equally essential in adulthood for wellbeing, adaptability, connection, happiness and innovation.

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DAYNA’S DOSE: Other-Oriented: Live longer and be happier, healthier, and more successful

Being other-oriented is the conscious effort to put the thoughts, needs, and feelings of others first, without abandoning our own needs. Prosocial behavior—the intent to benefit others—not only makes us feel good, but we experience more health and happiness advantages from being the giver than from being the recipient.

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