South King Media’s Scott and Theresa Schaefer.

Founded in Dec., 2007, The B-Town Blog is one of the oldest, original, multiple award-winning – and most popular and successful – independent local blogs in the Northwest.

Our homegrown, family-run, independent website is the most-read – considered by 71% of residents as their main source of information according to a recent survey by the city – locally-focused and affordable solution for all marketing needs in the South King County area.

For calendar year 2017, The B-Town Blog averaged 101,028 Sessions and 338,391 Pageviews per month (as per Google Analytics). Not bad for a city with ~50,000 population!

NOTE: We encourage all business owners to carefully vet all advertising offers with the following steps:

  1. Ask for independent statistics of traffic/reach. We use Google Analytics and Quantcast, and are happy to share raw traffic stat data and demographic info from them.
  2. Make sure that the business you’re dealing with is an actual business, not just a website or Facebook page. Do they have an office? A local business license? Are they even local?

South King Media also publishes six other blogs just south of Seattle, WA – covering an area from White Center to Des Moines and new – in Kent with!

To get our Media Kit/Rate Card, please email Sales Manager Theresa Schaefer: [email protected]!

In 2010-11, we were honored as “Best Hyperlocal Website” for two consecutive years by the SPJ (read more here).

On June 18, 2016, we were awarded #2 in General Excellence for Small Daily Print/Online by the Society of Professional Journalists for a five-state region (WA, OR, ID, MT & AK).

We are the only daily-updated, totally-independent, truly-local community news website in Burien – run by Scott & Theresa Schaefer, who live, work, play and spend here (since 1995) – that provides a highly-targeted, local, very desirable audience with the most recent Local News, Feature Stories, Event Listings, Videos, Photos, Business News, Forums and more.

Burien’s local news site, The B-Town Blog, cites its readership as 65,000 monthly readers—an impressive reach compared with the average print circulation of Seattle’s metropolitan monthlies, which hovers in the ballpark of 53,000.

– Green Rubino Agency
Loving Our Locovores
Nov., 2014

B-TOWN BLOG STATS (for 2017 as per Google Analytics):

  • 432,287 Users
  • 1,212,343 Sessions
  • 4,060,689 Pageviews

We have many Advertising solutions for businesses that are looking to get themselves in front of the eyeballs of our ~85,000 – 100,000+ monthly Readers, starting for less than $2 per day. Our Coupon Page is a popular platform for Advertisers to put their offers up for Readers to print and use, and are very effective solutions. Plus, our Readers love ’em!

Following are some testimonials:

“The B-Town Blog is a local treasure!”

Former Mayor Joan McGilton (R.I.P.)

“This blog is a wonderful way to keep in touch with happenings in our community. Thanks for all of your hard work BTB!”

Rachel Sita

“The coupons for The Tag Zone were a huge success for the Summer.  I received 48 of them saving families $336…WOW!”

Johnny Basco

“Love that we have the blog for our news, community events, videos and some amazing pictures. Thanks Scott to you and your staff.”

Patty Janssen

Burien’s local news site, The B-Town Blog, cites its readership as 65,000 monthly readers—an impressive reach compared with the average print circulation of Seattle’s metropolitan monthlies, which hovers in the ballpark of 53,000.

“This local news source is about as accurate and up to date as you can find anywhere in the country. They are on top of nearly everything that happens in this town. It’s almost creepy. Their willingness to publish letters to the editor is also great.”

Joshua P. Davis

“I want to thank all of the folks who drove down from White Center and Burien (at least 40!) and who have made the trip down since the grand re-opening to order multiple sandwiches!”

“We ran our first ad in January and had a great feature article written and published the day that our ad came out.  In January, we had our 2nd best new member enrollment in our 21 year history of Highline Athletic Club.  The B-Town Blog was the only advertising that we did in January that was different from our regular marketing plan.”

“B-Town Blog is a great neighborhood resource. There’s virtually no other source of local news.”

El Bowman

We encourage you to email us for our latest Media Kit, which also includes a Rate Card. Or call Theresa Schaefer directly at (206) 248-2565 and she'll meet with you and show you in person.

The B-Town Blog is part of a network of six Local Blogs published by South King Media. Founded in Dec., 2007 by Scott Schaefer, a three-time National Emmy Award winning Writer for "Bill Nye the Science Guy" (PBS/Disney) with over 25 years' media experience in Seattle and Hollywood, South King Media's mission is to inform, entertain, educate and promote residents and businesses in South King County, WA. Most recently, Schaefer was awarded "Business Leader of the Year" for 2013 by Discover Burien.

Whenever we take on a new Advertiser, a couple of great, innovative and effective marketing techniques happen that help spread your word and set us apart from most other websites:

  1. We post a “Blogvertorial” feature story about your business. This appears in the regular Headline content section along with other regular stories, and includes keywords, information and links relevant to your business. This helps dramatically increase your Google presence online. For examples of some previous Blogvertorials, click here.
  2. We update our Facebook Page(s). Shortly after a story goes live on our site, another posting appears on our popular Facebook Page. We then “Like” our own post, which then sends out a second viral update to all our Fans and Friends. Facebook has become the best referral website for traffic to our blogs aside from organic Google search results.
  3. We send out a “Tweet” from our Twitter Page(s) to our “Followers” (follow us here). Oftentimes our Tweets get re-tweeted by others, driving even more traffic.

South King Media also strives to serve and help its community, and we’re confident we’re the most-involved local media outlet in the entire area!

Here’s a list of just some of the fundraisers we’ve been involved with since our inception:

  1. In Feb., 2013, we organized the "Up from the Ashes" fundraiser for victims of the Jan. 28 Tra-Lee apartment fire in Burien. We raised nearly $7,000, all of which will go directly to the victims!
  2. We’ve served as Media Sponsors for many local fundraisers, including the annual Cove To Clover, Brat Trot, Highline Medical Center Foundations’ Hats On For Highline, Highline Schools Foundation for Excellence’s Gold Star Awards and Oktoberfest, and many more.
  3. In July 2008, we co-sponsored a major auction fundraiser for the victims of a tragic apartment arson fire, and helped raise $10,500 in one night.
  4. In August 2008, we held a fundraiser Blog Party for the Highline and White Center Food Banks, and netted 166 separate food donations and $280 in cash to help feed needy area families.
  5. We have sponsored a regular “Turkeys N’Diapers” fundraiser for both the White Center Food Bank and WestsideBaby, where over two years we’ve raised nearly $2,000.
  6. In December 2009, we held our first annual “Have A Heart” party, where we raised nearly $600 for the Highline Area Food Bank!

Since launching in Dec. 2007, we’ve helped raise over $200,000 for our communities!

We also have done numerous in-person appearances at: