How to submit to the blog

To get something posted on The B-Town Blog, please follow these simple instructions:


  • If you have a news tip or story idea, please email it to You can also now text us or leave a voicemail 24/7 at (206) 659-8768.
  • If you’re a business owner interested in Advertising, contact Theresa Schaefer at, or call our office at (206) 248-2565.


  • Please do NOT send a Word doc with everything formatted like you think it will appear on the blog. We can’t work with Word docs and it’s a big hassle to export everything, especially if it’s got formatting like bold and italics.
  • Please do NOT embed photos within a Word document.
  • Please do NOT email us Publisher files as we’re Mac-based and can’t read them (we can read PDF files though).


  • Send your words as plain text within an email or as an attached text file.
  • Send PDFs or .jpegs of posters, artwork, etc.


  • To get your company’s marketing in front of our ~65-90,000 engaged, local monthly Readers, please email Sales Manager Theresa Schaefer directly at or call our office at (206) 248-2565. More info is available here.
  • We now sell Help Wanted/Job Listings for just $20 per blog post! This includes a cross-posting to our very engaged social media fans (as of July 2014 – 9,784 on Facebook and Twitter).


  • After experimenting with posting these for free, we now charge a low fee of just $40 per obit – a much better deal than paying upwards of $400-600 for an obit in a Seattle newspaper (plus, we rank very high in Google searches)! Please send text and a photo to


  • If you’ve found or lost a pet, please email text about the animal (where lost or found, detailed description, etc.) – along with a photo if possible – to


  • If you have any photos for us (we LOVE great Reader photos – check out these samples), please email them as a minimum 1200-pixel wide, higher-resolution .JPEG to


  • FOR NON-PROFITS: We do not charge to post for local non-profits (churches, charitable organizations, etc.) – just email your blurb (as plain text), including WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY to Please be sure to include a photo or logo.
  • FOR BUSINESSES: For non-Advertisers, we charge $40 for Press Releases and Event Listings, which appear in our regular, main content section as a “Sponsored Post” (events also appear in our Event Calendar). Email your text (and attach photos/posters/etc.) if you’d like it posted, and we will then email you an Invoice.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at (206) 248-2565 or email Please note that we receive a LOT of emails everyday; if we don’t respond right away it’s not that we’re ignoring you – it’s more likely that we’ve overlooked it!

THANKS for your consideration!