Boulevard Park resident DJ Acker recently shared an amazingly cute and inspiring video, showing some sweet ducklings as they struggle to catch up with Mama Duck by climbing up some stairs.

“Came home to a surprise this week,” Acker said. “Maybe this is why we’d been chasing ducks out of the pool this month. They all made it up steps to Mama. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Acker adds:

“For weeks we’d been trying to discourage 1 male & 2 females from making our pool their homestead, by blowing up floats, which they enjoyed sunning on.

“Our little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel does not like any kind of animals invading his backyard so circles the pool & barks to no avail. Hahaha. We’ve had problems in the past cleaning the pool & balancing the water after ducks have visited.

“When we arrived home and saw mama with her ducklings in our front yard, we were wondering if she was trying to bring them back to the pool.

“After they all made it up the stairs & went under some bushes we came in the house to figure out our next steps, as we were afraid they were heading out to the street where they could get hit. We went back out and the neighbors and us couldn’t locate them anywhere!

“No more sightings except a female & male have been enjoying the pool again.”