City of Burien officials recently told The B-Town Blog that – despite announcing a deal at its July 24 City Council meeting – after subsequent investigation they have ruled out the REBLX facility in Renton as a potential housing solution.

The decision came after an announcement at that council meeting, when Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling and City Manager Adolfo Bailon said that available housing had been found at the facility in Renton.

REBLX is a King County Regional Homeless Authority-approved shelter provider that operates facilities in Renton and other areas in the region, and had preliminarily offered space for people experiencing homelessness.

But after further investigation into the facility’s viability, the city told us that REBLX is no longer being considered.

“Subsequent investigation into the viability of the REBLX facility has eliminated it from consideration,” Emily Inlow-Hood, Communications and Public Engagement Manager for the City of Burien told The B-Town Blog. “The City of Burien will continue to work with King County and other agencies to seek shelter resources for people living unhoused in Burien.”

As we previously reported, the REBLX facility in Renton provides various types of housing, including rapid rehousing and permanent supportive homes. There were reportedly 116 vacancies at the Renton facility, which would have been more than enough to house the homeless population currently camping in Burien. At the July 24 meeting, Bailon said he was only waiting for confirmation from KCRHA about using available funds for that location, but that communication had been slow. 

The City said it will continue to work with King County and other agencies to seek shelter resources for people living unhoused in Burien. 

City Manager Bailon also reported that conversations have begun with the Port of Seattle to explore use of their Lora Lake property in the city’s NERA district to site a temporary shelter.

The City added that it remains committed to finding viable alternatives for shelter resources to assist the unhoused population in the area. Collaborative efforts continue with King County and other agencies to explore and implement effective solutions.

Details of any alternative strategies being explored were not immediately available, but city officials are expected to release updates on their findings and plans soon.


  • We reached out to the City of Burien and REBLX for further information, but have not yet received a response. If/when we receive any further details on this, we’ll update this post.
  • In addition to emailing us this announcement, the City of Burien posted this update on its July 24, 2023 City Council Roundup here, with a screenshot below:

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8 replies on “City of Burien announces that, after further investigation, it will not move forward with proposed homeless housing solution with REBLX in Renton”

  1. I think that ahead of elections this week , it would be helpful to know why the council did not feel REBLX was an adequate solution. I am not in favor of additional levies to provide mental and drug illness counseling once the $1M from King County has been exhausted (in what will likely be months). I am in favor of using existing resources, if adequate, versus reinventing the wheel with money the council doesn’t have. Help me understand why the council “changed its mind” and who should get my vote.

  2. My name is Patrick Dean Rosenoff I’ve been homeless for several years and have heard meny promises none of which has come 64 with emphasema and I have to be and sleep outside so how dare they change their mind without a solution being voiced as soon as the change of mide happened.i have been blessed through the hard working great people at the kent SSI office and my homelessness should be comeing to an end. but in no way did anyone from the housing genusouse help in anyway shape or form as far as vou know there is lots of money from the pandemic for the problem guess again ask the people in charge how many Hawaiian vacatiosn this year don’t believe you settle well with answer thanks for your time.

  3. The lack of transparency here is astounding. The council changed its mind for what reason? Voters deserve to know how our tax dollars are being spent. Meanwhile the homeless situation continues to get worse with no end in sight.

  4. As a resident in Renton, I am 1000% against another group of homeless being dumped on our city. When Seattle dumped an entire hotel full of there homeless, it only caused total kaos in our town.. Residents were no longer safe going to any down town businesses for our basic needs (groceries, gas, prescriptions…) from the increased residential and commercial crimes,, excesive open drug use throughout our downtown area. Physical altercations and harrassments to patrons trying to just get groceries and or gas. Now that Renton had to evict those homeless hotel tenants that Seatte had bused into our city, were now needing to tear that hotel down due to the extra curricular activities (drug use) , diseases, ect. On that and ajoining property. We are stuck cleaning up not only that hotel/restaurant, but all the paraphanellia and crap left at our store fronts, parks, and personal properties…. not saying we didnt have any of these issues….. but at one point Renton was able to take care of our own people and they were able to get proper housing, treatment (whether mental health or drug treatment) as needed.

  5. I would like to see some information on the people living in these homeless camps how many have criminal records and how many are wanted criminals or known to run or hide from police how many have been busted for hard drugs or firearm crimes. How many own firearms legally how do they secure them. Also how do they secure medications if they have narcotics .

  6. How about truly building affordable housing that can be truly affordable. Tiny homes on empty lots that have kitchennett and bathrooms. I am so sad to see our city going down this whole. Build a facility for mentally ill and drug addiction. Pay people that will help run the facilities more than minimum wage.

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