“School Girls” by Heather Danso. Recycled house paint & drop cloth, Acrylic tints, acrylic media; 42” x 33” x 1.5” http://winddancemotion.com[/caption]

Six-scene installation that changed every 2 weeks at 826 Seattle based on a Japanese tale. Materials – cut vinyl, laser cut plexi glass, screen print, wood, astroturf. this installation was made possible with help from the Seattle office of arts and culture’s city artists grant.
Window installation based on antique maps filled with denizens of the deeps. Created for Storefronts Auburn June 2013. Located at 1 Main st in Auburn Washington. Vinyl work created with a GAP Grant from Artist Trust. Install help by Jessie Maughan, Jaime Wheller and Zac Brown. Special thanks to Eroyn and Tim for posing for the figure puppets and Rob Lutz for help with lighting design and fabrication.
Artists Heather Danso and Tory Franklin are currently presenting their Artworks at Merrill Gardens and The Maverick Apartments in downtown Burien. The City is partnering with these two locations to showcase community art in their windows for three-month intervals. Here’s more from the city:

“As part of the design review process for the two developments, the City encouraged the architects to create a display space for local art. City design standards require buildings to have specific elements to make the downtown a pedestrian-friendly place. This includes how a building presents itself to the street. The goal is to avoid blank walls and make the streetscape more interesting to the pedestrian. “There are multiple ways to achieve this: retail space, landscaping, and art displays. The City worked in partnership with the developer to meet the intent of the design standards. The result was the inclusion of display windows in the final design–meeting both the buildings’ needs and contributing to our downtown streetscape.”
WHERE: The Maverick Apartments art window, corner of 6th and 150th SW; Merrill Gardens art windows, 4th SW between 150th and 151st. WHEN: July through September 2018


Artist: Tory Franklin

Location: The Maverick Apartments

Artist website

Statement from Tory Franklin:

“My work for the past eight years has focused on depicting folk tales in public, predominantly through window and kinetic installations. In this body I create narrative scenes with a combination print media consisting of cut vinyl, screen print, digital print and computer assisted cutting, as well as hand work and constructed set pieces. My patterns are sourced from global textiles and housewares sourced from the cultures of origin of the narrative.

“As a printmaker I am constantly thinking of the role of the multiple, but unlike the traditional print maker who creates editions that exist in separate places in the world, I focus on how to use a repeat in a spatial sense. I mine my past work for elements that are appropriate for the new piece—reusing patterned silkscreens, leftover cut vinyl and other ephemera from past work to fit a new site. This piece does not follow a set narrative, but is a recombination of a cast of characters and elements from past installations—a fairy tale cocktail party.”


Artist: Heather Danso

Location: Merrill Gardens

Artist website

Artist profile (PDF file)

Statement from Heather Danso:

“The process of play is the constant in all my works. I am compelled to artistically respond to the world around me—to create little experiments and to share the process and product with others—with people here in Seattle, and as far away as Tetuoan and The Gambia. I do this with all my tools: raw canvas, recycled house paint, thrown out bits of fabric, acrylic tints, my hands, feet, needles and thread, even my piano and my voice.

“In my paintings, my uncontrollable method requires humor, playfulness, and patience. I drop inks, tints, and recycled house paints onto raw canvas. Tints travel the lines of the canvas influenced by gravity, tipping, and force. The chemical interactions between varied dilutions create constellations, altering color and texture.

“But most of all, I create with my sense of extreme optimism—a cherished commodity in times like these. I remember that it is practicing optimism to follow one’s curiosity.”

The Maverick is located at 15045 5th Ave SW: Merrill Gardens is located at 15020 5th Ave SW: ]]>

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