Burien native Madison Stoneman, now confidently captivating crowds as she sings the National Anthem for the NHL Seattle Kraken, once had so much stage fright that she hid under a snack bar counter while singing at her summer league swim meets.

But Stoneman’s journey to center ice wasn’t always on skates – it started much closer to home, at Shorewood Elementary School.

Madison was singing and swimming at a young age.

Growing up in Burien, Stoneman was immersed in music. Her family instilled a love for the arts, and by the time she was 8-years-old, Her voice was already gracing the mic at summer league swim meets.

Stoneman’s Burien roots run pretty deep – her grandma graduated from Highline High in 1956, her mom in 1980, and her brother in 2007.

Years of honing her craft, from singing at home to joining the Hi-Liners in high school, led Stoneman to pursue a degree in education from the University of Washington.

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“Perhaps most importantly, I was blessed with three truly remarkable music teachers in my life,” Stoneman told The B-Town Blog. “My elementary music teacher Beth Bekkevold (Beth Adair), my wonderful violin teacher Diane Lange-Jones, and finally my extraordinary high school choir teacher, Gary Ballou. All three of them made a tremendous impact on my life and built my confidence in a huge way. Without their encouragement I would not be half the singer (or person!) I am today – music education matters. “

And music has never left her side.

Stoneman’s big break came in 2021 when a friend connected her with the then-nascent Seattle Kraken hockey organization. Stepping in for a last-minute anthem singer during the inaugural season, Stoneman impressed the team and landed a permanent role alongside fellow singer Tommie Burton.

“Whenever anyone asks me about how I ended up with this gig, I usually tell them that it was as much of a surprise to me as it was to anyone else,” Stoneman said. “Back when I first started singing the anthem as a kid, I had such painful stage fright that I would take the microphone into a little snack bar and hide under the counter where no one could see me. The notion that the same shy little kid now sings with confidence in front of 20,000+ people with her face on a big screen is pretty funny to me!”

While Stoneman admits she’s still learning the intricacies of hockey (the rules can be a bit tricky), her passion for the team and the city is undeniable. She embraces every opportunity to connect with fans, whether it’s belting out the anthems or meeting service members honored during pre-game ceremonies.

“I started singing the anthem when I was about 8 years old, at summer league swim meets,” she said. “Over the years it kind of became what I considered to be my silly little hobby, but it’s brought me to some really fun opportunities – I performed for the Governor at the opening ceremonies for the new Main Terminal and Concourse A at Sea-Tac Airport, at sporting events for UW and Seattle U, at Lumen field for the OL Reign, and even for the LA Clippers. Last summer, after submitting audition tapes for twenty seasons I was finally invited to do the anthem for the Mariners, which was a total dream come true! Next up I’m hoping to check the Sounders and Seahawks off my list.”

Madison (center) met Gov. Gary Locke (left) and Sen. Patty Murray (right) while singing at the opening of the new Main Terminal and Concourse A at Sea-Tac Airport.
If you appreciate our award-winning local journalism, please…

But her life isn’t just about hockey and high notes. When she’s not thrilling crowds, Stoneman is busy being a mom, co-owning a dueling piano bar with two locations in Seattle and Tacoma called “Keys on Main,” and even teaching music at a local preschool.

“I don’t like to sit still for too long,” she added.

Stoneman’s journey from shy kid hiding under the counter to captivating audiences is a testament to her dedication and perseverance. As she sets her sights on singing the anthem for the Seahawks and Sounders, one thing is certain:

Burien’s own songbird is soaring high!

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