Join three dedicated professionals sharing the pursuit of personal wellbeing, linked together for a one-day conference on Saturday, March 5, 2022, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The conference is designed to help you learn strategies to support a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Conference organizer Nate Kowallis is a busy dad of three and local youth pastor at Boulevard Park Church. He was inspired to launch this conference by his own journey toward living “comprehensively healthy.” He hopes to share the benefits he has received from the techniques and knowledge of these three speakers with community members throughout the area.

“We’re not going to preach at you,” Kowallis said (though interested seekers are always welcome to ask for a 1:1 conversation). Instead, he has assembled the speakers to provide practical and insightful ways you can become a better “you.” “It’s a way to connect with and serve the community,” he adds.

“In the last four years, these men have helped me be a better husband, father, and pastor because of the information they generously put out online and/or the direct care they’ve offered my family,” Kowallis said, adding “I’m honored to put them before you and trust they will be of similar benefit to you.”

Jordan Riding

Jordan Riding is a fitness and nutrition coach who will present on optimizing movement, exercise and nutrition.

He is the founder of the “Fat Loss in Half the Time: Transforming Mind, Body, and Spirit” online community which has helped scores of people bring positive change to how they eat and move.

Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller is a performance and business coach who has founded the “Be Authentic” online community.

He will present on Living Authentically and the superiority of pursuing freedom over goals.

Miller speaks, coaches and consults to help people achieve high performance and personal happiness derived from intentional action.

Dr. Aaron Collins

The third speaker is well known in the Burien area as a devoted dad and talented Dr. of Chiropractic.

Founder of Burien Wellness and Awesome Kid’s Day, Dr. Aaron Collins will speak on the relationship between mobility, nutrition, and the body’s housing and handling stress.

The modest registration fee of $20.00 covers all speakers and lunch and is now open here.

Seize this opportunity to jumpstart positive growth in your health and wellbeing, you and those you love will be glad you did!


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