On Tuesday morning, April 23, 2024, Tukwila Police officers arrested a suspect in a stolen vehicle with a felony warrant after a traffic stop led to a struggle.

Police said that officers spotted a suspicious vehicle across from the Tukwila Justice Center at around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Upon approaching the vehicle, police discovered it was reported stolen.

The male suspect attempted to flee and then resisted arrest, resulting in minor injuries for both the suspect and multiple officers. Firefighters from Puget Sound Fire treated the injuries at the scene.

The suspect has a lengthy criminal history and was wanted on an active Department of Corrections escape warrant. Officers recovered a bag containing a substance consistent with methamphetamine, along with narcotic paraphernalia and a machete, from the scene.

The suspect has a lengthy criminal history and had an active felony Escape warrant from the Department of Corrections (DOC). A bag with a substance consistent with meth was recovered at the scene.

The suspect was booked into SCORE Jail and the vehicle was impounded.

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  1. You can’t make this stuff up, he parked across the street from Police Headquarters in a stolen car with drugs, a weapon and a warrant just because.

    1. I know. I was wondering if he was there for an “appointment.” More likely, he didn’t know where he even was, if he was on meth.

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