Our friends at Burien Actors Theatre have an update about the recent generous actions by their Trustees to help local merchants by leaving notes telling them to “Hang in there” – which also included a check from BAT for $500.00.

“At the time, one merchant said she would like to give the Trustee a hug, but couldn’t due to social distancing,” Creative Director Eric Dickman told The B-Town Blog. “BAT’s hope is that others – who can – will support local merchants in their time of need. As you can see, it makes a difference.”

Here the letter that BAT received:

April 2, 2020

So grateful. We are still shocked at your amazing generosity. We so hope that this doesn’t come at a cost to the Burien Actors Theatre. We know that this invaluable community asset has had some real struggles even before the pandemic hit. If the need is still there we will happily surrender this kind contribution.

No doubt you have weighed the many options for your funds. We are truly honored to be the recipient of this generous donation. We try to run our budget conservatively with a nice margin for who-knows-what. The unknown duration of this crisis has left us wondering how long we can continue to pay our obligations while nothing is coming in. Thanks to your contribution we now have a few weeks more stability.

We are grateful that the virus has not struck anyone we know and hope the same is true for you.

Your kindess means the world to us.


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