Update On Des Moines' Proposed SCORE Jail 5

Update On Des Moines' Proposed SCORE Jail 6Above are two images split up from an architect’s rendering of what Des Moines’ proposed new $80 million dollar SCORE Midemeanor Jail might look like.

As we reported previously, on Thursday, Feb. 26th, seven south King County cities (including Burien and Des Moines) announced plans to build a 668-bed misdemeanor jail near Des Moines Creek Park on a 14-acre parcel owned by the Port of Seattle, located southwest of where South 208th Street intersects with 18th Avenue South.

According to SCORE, the fenced, heavily wooded location is not practical for other development, and has been overrun by trespassers and is scattered with their left-behind garbage. The facility is expected to be under construction late in 2009, and the building of it is estimated to take 21 months; under this schedule the jail should be ready to open mid to late 2011.

Des Moines Mayor Bob Sheckler says, “SCORE is another example of cities in South King County working together to solve problems we all share. We’ve found that we are able to come up with creative, cost effective solutions to difficult issues and problems when we work together as equal partners.”

Sheckler currently chairs the Highline Forum, a group of South King County cities and the Highline School District that works with Sea-Tac International Airport to promote mutual economic interests and address local environmental issues.

The jail will employ around 120 workers, including corrections officers, medical staff and administrative personnel.

Most of the inmates who will be housed in the SCORE facility will have been arrested or sentenced to jail time for property crimes such as theft, driving offenses, and criminal trespass. The average length of stay for these inmates is approximately 14 days.

SCORE plans to create a unique release strategy that will return inmates to the city in which they were arrested or living when they are released. Inmates will not be released into the surrounding neighborhoods.

So, the jail will house nearly 700 misdemeanor criminals, who will apparently be released back to whence they came.

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