by Jack Mayne
The City of Burien received an application on Friday (Jan. 15) for its first retail marijuana store – to be called “The Joint” – from a man named David Sadis, and to be located at 14325 First Ave South.
The store would take over the former location of KC’s Family Restaurant, once owned by Soon Chung and closed just last week (read more here). The building was a Sambo’s restaurant location years ago.
Katie Trefry, Burien Communications Officer, said Tuesday it would take weeks, if not months for the application to pass both City of Burien zoning hurdles plus those of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB).
The closest pot stores currently operating are at 23407 Pacific Highway South in Des Moines, and one in Seattle at 10861 First Ave South. Other than one store in Renton, there are no others located in south King County.
Last week, Des Moines realtor Tom Roush asked the Des Moines City Council to consider the possibility of a second store, because he had a “wealthy Chinese investor with a lot of money” as a client (read about that here.) This client wants to buy the building next to the new Four Points by Sheraton Hotel on Pacific Highway South to house a second marijuana store in that city “because he sees the volume of business down at your only location on the south side of the Kent-Des Moines Road.”KCsPotNotice
Trefry said that like all regional commercial land use reviews, “the city will review the submitted application for completeness then it will go to a public comment period, likely 21 days in length.”
She said the review process by the city “will center around the applicant’s conformity with zoning code at its proposed location, rather than the focus of the business itself.”
Since the State Liquor and Cannabis Board approval is also required for a marijuana retailer business, “that process will commence after the local Land Use Review,” Trefry said.
She also said Burien has “seen a notable spike in inquiries about marijuana retailer options here, sometimes two to three calls a day.”
Attempts to reach Sadis were not immediately successful.

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Home delivery for pot?
Along related lines, earlier Tuesday (Jan. 19), Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced support of House Bill 2368 sponsored by Rep. Chris Hurst (D-Enumclaw), that creates a pilot program for legal marijuana home delivery service in Seattle.
Despite current state law prohibiting delivery of marijuana, various online operators have been offering illegal delivery services, undercutting Washington State’s voter-approved legal marijuana market.
“We must address illegal delivery services that are undermining I-502 and allow responsible businesses to offer delivery service in Seattle,” said Murray. “The proposed pilot delivery program, along with increased enforcement of existing marijuana laws, will better protect customers, patients and business owners, while strengthening the legal marijuana industry.”
The number of illegal delivery services has outpaced legal retail stores, growing to an estimated 24 services and operators. Reachable through primarily use websites, such as Craigslist, Weedmaps and Leafly, to deliver illegally to customers. Often these online services attempt to present themselves to customers as if they were legal businesses.]]>

Senior Reporter Jack Mayne passed away in December, 2021. In his honor we have created the Jack Mayne Journalism Scholarship.

17 replies on “New pot store sought for KC's Family Restaurant location; plus, take our Poll”

  1. Your Poll does not pass ..The Law Says YES. Check out I 502 sales data. Des Moines sold LOTS …with a couple dollars in taxes.

  2. Hooray! Now I don’t have to drive a long way to find a store. So glad that Burien has at least this much on the ball compared to neighboring cowards in SeaTac.

  3. Well it’s about time. I hope they can jump through all the hoops to open and run there location correctly.

    1. I know someone who went to Nimbin up in Tophat and that will be the last time because the female assistant manager had the people skills of a 4×4 post. It’s all about good customer service or you lose out on business. This new place when it opens will hopefully have better sales clerk’s.

      1. That’s interesting most of staff up there have been pretty good at there job when I been there. I know there are a couple of the employees that tend to zone off a little. But at least they have all been real friendly. Then you have to consider the assent manger had a gun put to her side not to long ago (there was a robbery back in October) in that store so I am guessing she is a little nervous witch is very understandable. Her and the other employees handle the situation from what I could see in the video very well. It’s difficult to run any type of business in that neighborhood I remember when the 76 gas station down the road got robbed and they shot the guy in the neck. I would tell your friend give them another chance I mean this shop opening in burien is going take awhile also Nimbin has been getting some new staff. There also another shop about block up the road from nimbin then there also one in white center. I don’t recall the names I think the one up the road from nimbin is called West Seattle Cannabis co or something like that it’s on Myers’s way. The one in white center is called BudX or BuDking I am not sure I have only been to nimbim so far.

  4. Another retail store that sells weed laced with pesticides that have known cancer causing chemicals – that the Liquor and Cannabias Board know about and choose to do nothing about. That is why people need to either home grow their medicine or go to legitimate despensaries, where you actually get to know the grower. Washington state has it all wrong and the money behind legislation is corrupt and the mouth pieces with money are black market (deliveries out of state) weed dealers. And pornographers. Whateves.

    1. L the liquor cannabis board actually already test the cannabis to make sure that the pesticides are at a safe level for human consumption (that’s even safer than most grocery store fruit’s and vegetables) and most growers use organic pesticides and if you look on the growers websites or send them a e-mail they will explain what they use and why. Also where is your proof of out of state deliveries just because some one like Tommy chong lives outside the state of Washington does not mean the weeds being grown out the state. Also where is proof of the black market involvement ok you anonymous blog poster filled with nonsense and know proof or facts.

    2. L: You should study-up on the facts before you make accusations:
      Third party testing labs must meet certain accreditation criteria in order to be certified as a lab that is allowed to test useable marijuana and marijuana products under the I-502 regulatory system.
      The Board has contracted with the Center for Laboratory Sciences on the Campus of the Columbia Basin College to conduct the certification process.

  5. I’m not a big fan of that location for a pot store, considering its proximity to a school. Willing to bet Kennedy parents won’t like it.

    1. Unless the kids have fake ID’s they would not be let in to any pot shop. Most licensed owners are not likely to do anything that would jeopardize their license.
      BTW – the location is 4 blocks away from Kennedy HS, not right across the street, as previously stated. The person who is passing along the urban legend that state pot is laced with pesticide … needs to give us a break. This stuff is more highly scrutinized than most of our produce.
      IMO – pot shops are much like liquor stores, a way to control sales and make money for local use on things like, better security. While I would like to believe that they provide competition for dealers to give them incentive to move out of the area and perhaps out of the business, the truth is that pot shop prices are significantly higher then street drugs. Would be interesting if they ever could lower their prices and give the street dealers a run for their money!!

      1. Sandy said,
        “Would be interesting if they ever could lower their prices and give the street dealers a run for their money!!”
        And for that reason Sandy I have never been inside of one. But if they ever did,
        I might consider at least going into one and checking it out, at least if for nothing else,,

        1. Well let’s see devilsadvocate on the street for $10 you get about .08 of a gram of cannabis in nimbin you can 1full gram for $10 that is usually a little over a gram. They also have a 10% discount for every 10 visits does your street guy offer that. Also that’s for cannabis ranging from 19% THC to 25% THC not too bad for $10. As a extra benefit you don’t have share with them after purchasing unlike some street dealers that want you to smoke up your stash with them. But then again your street guy is probably a friend of yours that just happens to be making money off of you to keep them selves high and not paying taxes to state on there cannabis so there price might be different. Then there is the fact you can walk in any time between 8:30 am 11:30 pm with id and buy cannabis ( buds,oils,editables and bho wax/shatter) you don’t have to wait for them to show up or call you back after they have finished there tasks for the time being.

  6. Wait a minute…
    I’ve been getting high in Burien for over 30 years. There has always been a very healthy underground, which existed and still exists beyond the Medical/Dispensary model. For us the underground is our friends and our families. We love this plant. Burien has always had top-notch small scale growers, that know what they’re doing, and love doing it. It’s how we have adapted, due to the fact that a flower that we loved was deemed illegal and immoral, and ruled under penalty known as Prohibition. But now I am left scratching my head? How is it that at the end of Prohibition, I, a lover of this plant now under regulation, have gained nothing? It is still illegal for me, a non-medical user, to grow my own. And now I am to understand that the only “legal” avenue to this plant in Burien is through this new store owned by David Sadis (aka Shy Sadis)? Who is this guy? And why would I even want to deal with him? I would have never dealt with him in the underground. And don’t even mention Nimbus? Really? And then there are the “big” growers supplying these stores, harvesting hundreds/some thousands of pounds per month, and still trying to charge us underground prices. What other “legal” plant yields such high-returns? I’m calling foul.
    We need a Washington State home-grow.

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