On Tuesday, Jan. 19, the King County Sheriff’s Office tracked and arrested a man wanted for a stolen vehicle near the 14200 block of 8th Ave South in Burien (map below). Police found the stolen car occupied in that area, and say that at least one suspect ran and tried to hide in some woods, but “thanks to patrol deputies and Guardian One…he was captured,” Sgt. Cindi West told The B-Town Blog. Here’s a video from Guardian One, showing the tracking – and subsequent capturing – of the suspect in the woods via the magic of an infrared camera: [youtube]https://youtu.be/_6-rRmVZGxY[/youtube] ]]>

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8 replies on “VIDEO: Guardian One tracks, finds suspect wanted for stolen vehicle Tuesday”

  1. One would like to believe there is some consequence for such behavior, but aside from a criminal record, there will probably only be some monetary fine if the car owners choose to go to court. And then, it will be up to them to collect, without any help from the court system. I know this from experience. The people caught on two different occasions were on first name bases with the Burien Police. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful to the Burien Police for their help. It must be frustrating for them too, that there is so little consequence. The ‘kids’ (often older than kids) know this and are little bothered by being caught.

    1. Yes if the suspect is under 18 they most likely will be released to their parents. Which unfortunately most parents won’t discipline their child for there actions. Most assume there child was just hanging with the wrong crowd and could never break the law by them selves. Then they hire a lawyer that finds little issues with the case/paper work mistakes to lower any fines or jail time. Then the kid is out causing havoc for city again.
      I went to school with a guy that was supposed to be a friend but turn around and burglarized my parents house while I was at school. We pressed charges but his parents had a big time attorney the guy got away it . Then same guy a few later burglarized his uncle house his parents house got caught with numours drugs. His attorney still got him out of jail (house arrest) then the guy got caught with a stolen firearm and finally spent a few years in prison. Last I heard the guy to this day is in and out of jail/prison on drugs and theft charges. This all started in about 1997. All I have to say if you end up in a issue like this make sure to go every Court date file all paper work on time and be honest with the police when filing a report.

  2. Why isn’t there ever any suspect names and photos listed? The least we could do is name and shame these guys.

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