On Wednesday, Jan. 13, the lights were turned off for the last time at KC’s Family Restaurant, located at 14325 1st Ave South in Burien (map below).
On Friday (Jan. 15), this notice – indicating that the joint would soon light up as B-Town’s first Pot store – was posted on the front door:
This building is just across the street from Fred Meyer, and long ago served as a Sambo’s.
Jack Mayne is working on a separate story on this, so stay tuned for a more detailed post soon…

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15 replies on “B-TOWN BIZ: Lights out at KC's Family Restaurant'; will light up as Pot Store”

  1. Why so close to a school and a major store,Fred Myers and with all the traffic on 1st avenue will make it more traffic. What does the law say as to be distinct from schools. We don’t need it in this area.

  2. The rules have changed regarding buffer distances in some locations, but being 21 plus years old to legally purchase has not, and you graduate JFK long before that. The added traffic will be insignificant and the location is rather central to Burien’s layout and not anywhere near the retail core. KC’s bar flys are the only reason it’s still open and the taxes that will be brought into Burien’s coffers will be 100 times more. It’s legal, it’s finally here and if my job allowed it I would be spending my money locally.

  3. I don’t understand how this is any different than alcohol. The rules are pretty strict, you have to show ID to even get in the door. It’s not like the JFK students don’t have their own sources already.
    Alcohol probably does more damage.

  4. Bet the Taxes will far exceed any Car Retail in Burien…Time will tell…. Put a beer on it at the Local Beer Stop…

    1. Especially if they advertise around SeaTac and offer a free courtesy shuttle service. The business model to bring travelers to Burien for dining, drinking and legal pot to enjoy back at their hotel is a unique opportunity the City should fully support for the major money it would generate in taxes

  5. Burien can do way better than this. Things you won’t here from stoners who patronize pot stores: “I think I’ll find ways to volunteer to improve my community” ” I think I’ll go look for a job” “I think I’ll start my own business.” Pot smoking saps initiative, productivity and creativity – its a blight on society.
    Yeah, I know : “its legal.” So are strip joints, adult bookstores and topless drive thru espresso stands. Doesn’t mean they belong in Burien.
    Let White Center have the sleaze. We can do so much better. And we should.

    1. It seems you have disregarded that this store will also sell medical grade pot. So you discount any proven benefits that have been documented by scientists to help the sick and injured among us? And your blanket wash of pot users is rather narrow minded, what about Rick Steves, the travel guru who owns and runs a multi million dollar empire, and an avid pot user

      1. Are you kidding QA? If he acknowledges that there are successful pot smokers that aren’t lazt, then his whole rant is pointless! 🙂

    2. Hey peter here is a little reading for you (https://www.leafly.com/news/cannabis-101/threatening-truths-or-misleading-myths-uncovering-5-cannabis-misc
      https://www.leafly.com/news/lifestyle/5-frustrating) and any one else that is anti pot its fine if you don’t partake. But some of you seem to have some really outdated old information and ideas of cannabis and really need to read up on things that are going on with cannabis. It is not all about smoking a joint and giggling or even getting high with cbd cannabinoids and what they can do to help medical patients with out a high. I feel sorry for people it’s 2016 and you want to make comments about cannabis like it’s the 70’s and you just watch refer madness and believe everything you watched. Using information from a government that did not allow for research on cannabis for many years. But now that there is updated information you still seems to be stuck in a cloud of smoke ironically.

  6. Ahhh,,,, pot,,,, the best thing that ever happened to oreo cookies, frosted flakes
    and the milk industry, *lol*
    Not to mention fast food joints. *heh-heh*

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