By Jack Mayne The City of Burien has filed a petition for review of the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to turn jet-prop airliners over Burien causing unexpected and unusual airplane noise and potential damaging fuel residue to be dumped on residents. The review petition (download PDF here) was filed in the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in San Francisco on Wednesday (Feb. 15) by the Dentons law group, also of San Francisco. Burien City Attorney Lisa Marshall and Denton attorneys Matthew Adams and Jessica Duggan of San Francisco sought the action. The petition says Burien is “an environmental justice community” and the new route began in in the “summer of 2016 without notice to the city or its residents,” when the FAA â€œbegan experimenting … resulting in significant noise impacts to parks, schools, residential neighborhoods, and other noise-sensitive areas.” Burien, said the review petition, “spent a considerable amount of time and effort trying to obtain from the FAA information about the New Route, the implementation of the New Route, and whether and when the FAA’s decision making process had been completed.” The petition says the FAA “did not provide a formal response to those inquiries until Dec. 16, 2016. Then the FAA “upheld – and refused to reconsider – the new route.” Therefore, the Burien petition says, “the city and its residents have suffered – and will continue to suffer – significant, adverse impacts as a result of the FAA’s New Route.”]]>