The King County Medical Examiner’s Office on Monday, April 29, 2024 released the identity and cause of death of the man who died near the homeless encampment outside Burien City Hall on Saturday as Benjamin James “Nature” Beeman, 32.

Coroners said that Beeman died from “acute intoxication including fentanyl and methamphetamine.”

As we previously reported, Beeman was the fourth victim among the city’s homeless to die recently of an overdose.

Beeman, whose nickname was “Nature,” had been living in the Burien area for at least a year. He was a former resident of the now-closed Sunnydale Village, and was well liked. He took pride in his appearance, always dressing in stylish outfits. He was considered by many as intelligent and kind, and had written to and attended Burien City Council meetings.

Ben “Nature” Beeman’s Senior photo.

Below are some comments about “Nature” provided to The B-Town Blog by his family and friends:

“As you are family to each other in the camps, remember to tell each other that you care. Make sure every person there knows that there’s someone who loves them. It is an enormous comfort to know that Ben had significant community around him who loved him and that he wasn’t alone. Thank you to those who cared enough to try and save Ben’s life. Our hope had always been to one day see Ben again. It is heartbreaking to know that will never happen. We love you Ben and will miss you forever.

“Ben is survived by a loving family who have missed him every day that he’s been gone…his mother and father, two sisters and a brother who love him very much.”

– Dorothy, Brad, Laura, Cora and Adam

“Nature… A perfect name for a man with a beautiful heart. He was always quick to listen and slow to speak. I miss him so much already! Lord, why him? He deserved so much better! Nature, if you’re looking down at me right now, I want you to know I love you and my life will never be the same without you. What a tragedy.”

– Jeff Carlson (his street dad)

“Nature was the most stylish, loving, funny and non-judgemental person. He brought a ray of sunshine to our sometimes dark streets. The city and the world has lost a “stylish angel” and I will miss him terribly. I love you Nature and you will always be in my heart.”

– ❤️Beth

“Nature’s name is kinda ironic considering how little he spent hugging trees. (He would’ve thought that was funny) His real name was Ben but to me Nurture would’ve been much more fitting. He cared so much and loved so much it used to piss me off. Being in the streets as young women or just anyone in general, you are not living you are surviving, and anyone is an enemy. But Nature taught me to accept his nurturing. Even with the world’s treatment against us, he never stopped loving. Love in peace buddy. “

– Dee

“He knew so much about other cultures and he surprised me when he knew fluent Spanish. Great loving kind kid we lost.”

– Dan

“Nature was a kind and thoughtful person. He cared about his community, and the people around him. He was known for taking pride in his appearance and representing himself through unique and vibrant fashion. He was a giver of great hugs and beautiful smiles, and a friend to many. Nature was loved, and will be remembered fondly by those who knew him. He will be sorely missed.”

– Cydney

“The human soul is a light from god.  May it be god’s will that Nature’s soul shall enjoy eternal life through those who knew and loved him.  Amen.” – The Jewish Yahrzeit prayer.

– Stephen Lamphear

EDITOR’S NOTE: Everyone at South King Media sends their deepest sympathies to all who knew “Nature.” It’s important to remember that those experiencing homelessness are still human – they too have families, loved ones, and shared memories. They carry within them a history, a story, and a place in someone’s heart. They are sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, siblings, and friends.

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  1. Thank you so much for bringing an actual human approach to these tragedies.

  2. This is a well written article. Brings to life a man many of us didn’t have a chance to know. Thank you B-town blog.

  3. Thank you for sharing Nature with us and hear from all the people that loved him. He sounds like he was an amazing human and his passing is a significant loss for all who knew him. I grieve with them.

  4. This was a beautiful and sad article. Thank you for seeing Nature as a kind and loving person-he could have been anyone of us.

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