The identity of the man who died in Downtown Burien on Friday, Mar. 29, 2024 has been officially released by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office as Faisal T. Hashimi, 22.

Officials said that Hashimi – who was only 22-years old – died from “acute drug intoxication including fentanyl.”

As we previously reported, he was found unresponsive at an encampment located at 224 SW 152nd Street near Umpqua Bank on Friday morning at around 9:35 a.m.

This was the second overdose death related to fentanyl in the last month at encampments in downtown Burien.

We send out our deepest sympathies to all who knew Faisal, as well as all who are affected by homelessness and drug addiction.

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  1. So this person died from a overdose now did they plan on taking too much or did they buy something stronger than what they thought it was . Did they have a mental health issue and unfortunately figure death was the only way out . Then what some people are thinking or saying on Facebook that someone else is at fault which ever group or person the person typing dislike was at fault in most cases . Most likely they where just getting high and took too much of a drug you can overdose on and well unfortunately passed away no one but them self’s and person that sold them the drugs is at fault . What can the city or any person or group do to let people know they have try to help someone but that person did not want help or that person wants help but they want their way if they cant get it their way they take off and it’s the person trying to help’s fault .

  2. What is wrong with Burien? That roving camp has been a scourge since 2022. Eliminate it…ONCE AND FOR ALL! Mayor, are you listening?

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