Care-A-Lot Learning Center vandalized; seeking help to repair broken window 3

Care-A-Lot Learning Center in Burien was vandalized when a window was shot out – most likely by a BB gun – during closed hours last week.

Care-A-Lot is located at 15525 1st Ave S, Suite # 1 (map below), and this incident was reported to police (case #C17026127).

“Unfortunately, security cameras did not catch this terrible act and now owner Diane Smith is having to foot the whole bill,” Gina Sample said. “Diane has been in my life for over 20 years and has been a strong female role model and an overall caring and wonderful person. She’s been doing daycare in the community for over 30 years and enriching children’s lives with safe and happy environments.”

If you can, please donate so her window can be replaced (fundraising goal is $2,000):

“…and hopefully any extra money could help beef up her security cameras and other features,” Gina added. “We want to keep Care-A-Lot in the community to keep kids in the best care there is. Please donate any amount of money you can Thank you!”