With the new Highline High School (HHS) under construction, the school is taking the opportunity to update another part of their school – their logo.

The school is asking for input from students, staff, alumni and the community so that the updated logo reflects today’s school community and honor’s Highline High School’s long and proud (and purple and gold, Piratey) history.

The district says that the intent is “to continue the tradition as Highline High School Pirates, drenched in gold and purple. The goal is to update the visual representation in a way that is inclusive of all individuals and groups in our Highline community.”

Community and alumni can give their input by completing a short survey between now and Jan. 14, 2020.

The logo update committee will review the survey responses. The logo committee is comprised of students and staff, with student voice being at the forefront of this process. Themes that emerge from input will guide the design.