‘All Aboard!’ – on Friday, March 6, 2020, Highline High School revealed its new, updated logo.

“Moving into our new school is presenting us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to be thoughtful and intentional in considering our identity and crafting it as a reflection of the past, present and future,” officials said. “The symbol of who we are is our school’s logo, and a committee of staff and students, in partnership with a graphic designer, has worked with energy and enthusiasm to develop an updated logo for Highline High School.”

Organizers gathered input from students, staff, alumni and community so that the updated logo “reflects today’s school community and honors Highline High School’s long and proud history.”

The logo update committee reviewed survey responses, hosted a family engagement night and engaged students in their classrooms.

Themes that emerged included the importance of staying true to the school’s pirate heritage and the desire to feel proud, safe and welcoming.

“Additionally, it was important to represent Highline High School in a way that is inclusive of all individuals and groups in our Highline community.”

“Today, we remain the Highline High School Pirates, proud as ever, drenched in gold and purple.”

“I’m excited to unveil our updated logo below. The ship, which had the most favorable responses in the survey, symbolizes that we are all on this journey together. We’re adventurers and explorers on a safe vessel. The tall mast and sails show pride. The banner nods to nostalgia, and the “est. 1924” shows our history as the oldest high school in Highline.”

'All Aboard!' Highline High School reveals new, updated logo 1

A complementary athletics logo with a strong “H” was also created for use in partnership with the school logo. This provides versatility and adaptability for our various sports, teams and extracurricular programs.

'All Aboard!' Highline High School reveals new, updated logo 2

You’ll see these graphics in the new building, on the school’s website, business cards and more.

“Thank you to our committee members, Michaela Raikes, Amanda Umberger, Lori Box, Lovenia Smith and, student Hunter Ta, for their time in this process. And thank you to the students in Ms. Umberger’s and Mrs. Stanfield’s class for your continued feedback, ensuring that student voice is front and center along the process.”