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This is an open letter to the City Government, our Police and the citizens of Burien.

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Dear Editor,

We, the undersigned citizens of Burien, write to express our profound concern and disappointment regarding City Manager Adolfo Bailon’s recent decision to request the removal of Ted Boe as Chief of Burien PD. Ted Boe’s exemplary leadership has been instrumental in enhancing the safety and welfare of our community. Under his guidance, we’ve witnessed significant declines in crime rates and a surge in proactive measures aimed at fostering a more secure environment for all residents. Additionally, Ted’s innovative programs targeting mental health alternatives to traditional police responses have positioned Burien as a model agency in our county.

The decision to remove Chief Boe not only diminishes the invaluable experience he brings to our city but also jeopardizes the dedication of officers who may seek opportunities in more supportive environments. This move poses a threat to the effectiveness of our police force and undermines the safety of our community.

Therefore, we stand in solidarity with the Burien Police Department and express our vote of no confidence in City Manager Adolfo Bailon and Mayor Kevin Schilling. We firmly believe that their actions do not align with the best interests of our city and undermine the principles of constitutional policing, essential for maintaining public trust and safety.

As concerned citizens, we urge the council to take immediate action to reign in our City Manager and begin the process of removing him from the city payroll. We implore you to prioritize the stability and effectiveness of our police department for the well-being of all residents.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

– JJ Greive
Burien resident
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  1. Well put, JJ.

    We must get off this ‘Twilight Zone’ roller coaster and back to public service basics.

    1. Interesting that you refer to public service basics because the first responsibility of Government is to provide safety. The City is doing just that by striving to create that safe environment that serves us all, again.

  2. I disagree and won’t be signing.

    The police chief does not have the right to choose which laws of BURIEN they want to enforce. I respect the police chief and their staff, but perhaps they should choose a new profession if they don’t want to uphold laws they don’t agree with.

  3. Well put JJ and Stephen!
    City council has become embarrassing and disgraceful.
    Therefore Burien has become a joke…are we being “punked”!?

    1. I believe it’s high time for the City of Burien to have our own police department. One that will enforce the laws in our city and uphold the values of our community. If you walk around the center of Burien you can see the present situation is not working. It really doesn’t seem like that big of deal to hire some police and send the rental cops packing. Every little podunk town in the state can do it so why not us.

        1. A Public Safety ballot initiative could provide the funding necessary, Burien pays KC almost 15 million dollars per year for those services. That chunk is already available and I would support the increase in taxes to fund autonomy from KC.

      1. I staunchly oppose the notion of entrusting our contentious city manager with authority over a police force. Given his track record of intimidation and mistreatment of citizens, volunteers, staff, and even law enforcement officers, empowering him with control over law enforcement would undoubtedly endanger citizen rights and safety. His history, notably overseeing the complete dismantling of a local police force in Vermont, where all full-time employees resigned or were dismissed, serves as a stark warning against such a risky proposal. We must adamantly reject this dangerous path


  4. Definitely Disagree with JJ Grieve’s opinion but to each their own

    Burien needs there own police force! ! We already pay for king county services, there is money in the budget.

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