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As the former First Mayor of the newly incorporated City of Burien from 1992 to 1998, I have deliberately stayed away from the dynamics and workings of the Burien City Councils, since these elected officials know their respective responsibilities to represent the citizens/residents of Burien as Leaders, Policy Makers, & Bonafide Representatives.
However, based on some recent serious concerns, observations, and remarks from a few neighbors, residents, and colleagues in Burien, I have decided to respond in light of current Divisiveness and Dysfunctional nature of Burien City Council that I believe, is NOT in the best interest of all Burien citizens including my family and me, as follows:

  1. Leadership does NOT mean power, prestige, and personal gratification. On the contrary, the basic responsibility of all the elected part-time Burien City Councilmembers is to serve the community as part of their dedicated Public Service obligation irrespective of who is selected the Mayor and Deputy Mayor from within the 7-member Council;
  2. The citizens and residents of Burien expect the City Council to deliver on their promises, consistent with the Vision and Priorities established, in partnership with the City Manager and his/her staff and the Community-at-Large;
  3. We all must dedicate ourselves to preserve and grow positively as a Mature and Established City of nearly 25 years, not only in terms of visibility and respect by others but also as a lasting pride that we all share/feel together;
  4. The most effective way to govern locally, I believe, is to adhere and practice FIVE (5) simple principles – Communicate, Cooperate, Coordinate, Compromise, and Callout (Act/Deliver) as a Council/Manager team;
  5. It is the obligation and responsibility of all the elected and appointed City Officials to leave a Sustainable Legacy for our children and grandchildren, in terms of Community Vision & Priorities and NOT Personal Ambitions or Power

I hope this is helpful. Thanks.
Cheers and Greetings,
Dr. Arun Jhaveri
Former Burien Mayor

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9 replies on “LETTER: Former 1st Mayor of Burien has advice for the new City Council”

  1. Dear Arun, thank you for the reminder of what the City Council should keep in mind and focus on while serving the community who elected them as their representative. Well stated!

  2. Well put, now to tie it to current events.
    Lauren, Nancy and Austin need to pull their heads out of the clouds, or some place quite a bit darker and stop the whining. Your political position(s) puts you on the losing side of the vote tally, why fight when it will get you nowhere as well as the needs of the citizens. Ultra liberal pipe dreams go up in smoke, this isn’t groovy Berkeley CA

      1. I see your not a fan of effective leadership, must really suck when “you” support losers.

        1. No but he’s a big fan of dealing behind the scenes with outside interests who are bent influencing our local government for their own benefit.

  3. Thank you Arun for the gentle reminder of what makes a great community. We need a city council that can work together for the greater good of our great citizens. Thank you so much for your early work with the community establishing a vision for Burien. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

  4. Thank you Arun.
    Well said! A good leader does communicate, cooperate, coordinate, compromise, and callout. But they often forget SERVICE to the people they represent. Many people in Burien do not feel well-served.by the Burien Council.t.

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