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This letter to the editor is a response to the article about candidates skipping the Sept. 22 Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce forum:

I regret that 3 Burien City candidates were no shows at a public forum they choose NOT to attend. I’m baffled by their comments & excuses:

  1. They wanted to “take it straight to the voters”, whatever that means. We are the voters, watching and listening. No bias, just your direct statements.
  2. They preferred to do it “one on one.” Fine, but guess what? No one hears it except ONE person. It robs the rest of us from knowing a single thing about the answers.
  3. The Chamber refused to take a position on the one issue the candidate opposed. Well, show up and advocate for your position. It may gain traction.
  4. They have been “personally attacked.” Please don’t duck an opportunity to explain your opinions and defend your priorities.
  5. They are a “single issue candidate.” Really? There are many important issues this community faces.

I am grateful to the Chamber for being apolitical. Politics should not play a role in their advocacy for economic development.

I am grateful to the Chamber for sponsoring a public, non-partisan, open forum for ALL candidates on issues that matter to the voters of Burien.

The voters can’t make an informed, thoughtful decision about candidates unless we hear from ALL of them in a public forum where there is give and take.

The voters cannot contrast one point of view from the other unless there’s a public forum where ALL voices are heard.

The voters want to listen to ALL candidates so we can make an informed decision about who to support and who to reject.

Please don’t duck future public forums because the voters have a right to hear ALL YOUR VOICES.

Thank you,
Sally Nelson
Former Mayor and Burien City Councilmember

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