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‘The cedars are dying!’

With the upcoming election for City Council, we are very interested to know what are our current candidates’ opinion on climate change and measures that they would support to curb the ill effects of climate change in our community. Walking around Burien, it is clear that the cedars are in distress. Their branches of dull green and brown are hanging limp after unusually dry and hot summers. In recent years, we have known serious haze secondary to wild fires causing hazardous breathing conditions especially for children, seniors, and homeless folks in our community. These are signs that climate change is affecting life here in Burien.

It is disconcerting that the October 5th Burien City Council Candidate Forum organized by the non-partisan B-town Blog, King County Library System, League of Women Voters and Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce was canceled. The effects of climate change is a common threat that will affect all citizens of Burien for years to come. This is why in order to make an informed decision, voters need to hear from each candidate wanting to be elected for a position of leadership about their views, qualifications and their plans on climate actions.

This is what we know about some of the candidates; over the past 4 years, Mayor Matta and Deputy Mayor Krystal Marx have worked to protect Burien Parks, increase their accessibility and to enact the single use plastic ban. City Council candidate Sarah Moore has been very active with the Burien People for Climate Action (PCA) for several years and is serving on the Parks Commission. Hugo Garcia, working with the Planning Commission has prioritized the environment in advocating for green walkable paths, strengthening the tree ordinance and for composting from businesses.

We do not know the position of Martin Barrett, Stephanie Mora and Alex Simkus who declined attending the October 5th debate forcing its cancellation. Their refusal to attend previous debates shows great disrespect for the organizers of these debates and also for the voters who cannot learn about their opinion and their plan of action for the climate?

We were glad to learn that a new debate has been scheduled on October 12th. We look forward to the opportunity to learn ideas from ALL the candidates regarding changes affecting our city and how we, as a community can best respond to the needs of our city.

– Beatrice van Tulder

– Linda Stryker

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