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Dear Voters,

I was pleased when The League of Women Voters agreed to host a Candidate Forum for all candidates seeking a seat on the Burien City Council. WHY? Because this opportunity for the public to see and hear all candidates, was the ONLY opportunity for voters to evaluate their abilities, their priorities and the reasons we should vote for them. And to see them all together and contrast their individual statements and style was important. An informed vote is always important and this public forum provided that opportunity. 

The League of Women Voters, highly regarded and long known for its non-partisan approach, invited all candidates to its Public Forum. The invitations were sent to each candidate long before the event so all had ample time to mark up that date as VERY IMPORTANT. NOT TO BE MISSED. Why?

Well, gee whiz, they each had a one-time opportunity in a public forum to express their commitments, listen to their opponents and agree or disagree and to tell us why. To tell who why? We, the voters. We do matter. We are interested in you. We do want to hear you. We want you to show up and share your vision for our Fair City. This is a public service job not a race for the most beautiful or richest or most disagreeable or disliked or the person with the most signs or flyers. WE are your EMPLOYERS. Come talk to us. Please respect our RIGHT TO KNOW YOU. 

I regret to say that 3 of the candidates chose NOT to appear: Linda Akey, Kevin Schilling, and Alex Andrade. Seems they are running as a “group.” So we all missed their voices. That’s unfortunate. I will not be voting for anyone who refused to participate unless the reasons were so compelling they were unable to attend. So far I have not heard that. 

Remember to vote!
Sally Nelson
Former Mayor/City Councilmember, City of Burien

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One reply on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Former Burien Mayor: ‘I will not be voting for anyone who refused to participate’ in candidate forum”

  1. All 3 candidates gave very good reasons for their absence. They all also tried to work on a date that would accommodate all candidates. The LWV and their membership showed their bias by refusing to move the date and then engaging in a coordinated hit campaign. Even if they had simply skipped this forum, would anyone blame them?

    Don’t be fooled by someone whose time has long passed.

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