I have been actively pursuing a frugal lifestyle, and one of the strategies I’ve embraced is baking my own bread. I was taken aback when the price of my favorite loaf skyrocketed to $7 each, and I was unwilling to pay such a hefty sum.

Balancing a full-time job, tending to my garden, and fulfilling my various commitments already consumed my entire day, so I needed to find a way to make time for preparing the dough the night before, waking up early to bake in the morning, and then rushing off to work. It was quite exhausting, even though I was motivated by the potential savings, I was struggling to keep up with this routine.

However, my saving grace came in the form of the Franz Bakery Outlet. They offer a vast array of baked goods at incredible discounts. What’s more, on the first Saturday of every month, everything on their clearance wall is priced at just $1. I seized this opportunity and stocked my shopping cart and freezer. While I still enjoy baking bread when I have the time or inclination, I no longer feel the pressure to do so. 

I absolutely love the art of baking and the delightful aroma it fills the house with, but I don’t enjoy the stress of baking under tight time constraints. Now, if I need English muffins for breakfast, I can simply head to the freezer and grab what I need.

As for my family’s love of raspberry-filled donuts, they used to be priced at a staggering $7.99 at Fred Meyer! At the bakery outlet store, they’re only $3. That’s a significant cost difference. The Franz outlet I frequent is located in Tukwila, not far from the US Chef Store, so I make it a point to visit both on the same day.

Franz Bakery Outlet Store is located at 17500 W Valley Hwy. Tukwila, WA 98188:

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