Longtime Burien business the Danish Bakery, located at 825 SW 152nd Street in Olde Burien, appears to be up for sale or lease, according to a sign posted in its window (see photo above).

We sent an email to owner Mark Pitzner, but were unable to reach him. We also found this ‘For Sale’ Ad on Craigslist, posted July 25th:

Prime Bakery in Burien WA for sale/lease….Owners retiring from great profitable business Long time customer base….If interested send me a email and I will provide you with some information and pictures…and there is room for expansion as is…

The Danish Bakery has been in business in its Olde Burien location since around 1930, and has been owned by the Pitzner family since 1967. Here’s more from their website:

Baking is a tradition in the Pitzner family. The first bakery bearing the Pitzner name was opened on October 25, 1866 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Johannes Pitzner, Sr. who later became a member of the Danish Parliament.  The current owner of the Danish Bakery in Burien is part of a history of five generations of bakers in the Pitzner family.

The Danish Bakery in Burien was opened in the old part of Burien in about 1930 by a Danish baker.  Johannes Pitzner purchased the Burien Danish Bakery in 1967. Mark Pitzner continued the family tradition in 1977.

The Bakery specializes in carefully baked Scandinavian products including Danish pastry, pumpernickel, and various other breads, cookies, and decorated cakes. We serve coffee, espresso drinks, and cold beverages in our small cafe.  We also have a fine assortment of hard to find imported Scandinavian goods such as imported jams, cheeses, chocolates, lefse, etc.

If you’re interested in buying this historic B-Town bakery, contact Mark Pitzner at (206) 242-5111 or by email at [email protected].

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7 replies on “B-TOWN BIZ: Longtime Burien business Danish Bakery appears to be for sale”

  1. This is truly sad. Growing up in Burien, one of my favorite memories is walking up to the Danish Bakery and getting the frog cupcakes with my mom. I hope that if/when someone buys this place they keep the name and overall feel and just do a few enhancements not try to change everything )-;

  2. Sad news. It is so nice to have a place were you can talk lefse, krum kake and they don’t look at you weird. Also I will miss the ham sammiches!

  3. Are you kidding me people? The Danish bakery has long past it’s prime! I was born and raised Burien/Des Moines and not one time have I ever had something that tasted great threre. Not in 1979, 1988, 1993 and not now. It is wonderful to see 152nd thriving despite the broken down bakery and lame grocrey store. PEOPLE! Come on – we need something exciting and owners who UPDATE their storefronts, at least once a decade! Looking forward to seeing some movement in the right direction!

    1. Ouch – that seems to be a lot of anger and frustration thrown at a business which has provided much of the community with a degree of enjoyment!
      Lame grocery store? Broken down bakery? These are businesses which DO provide what is needed by some in the community even if not you.
      I would try to examine the “exciting” stores which have opened in Burien in the past 5 years but there is not enough space to cover all of them which opened, and closed, and closed, and closed, and closed. Those “exciting” owners who “update their storefronts” have been unable to keep their businesses going.
      Let us be kind to the businesses we DO HAVE, support them, and remember that there is always more than one point of view in regards to the value and pleasure of these businesses.

  4. Was disappointed to see the sign in the window yesterday. May not have an “exciting” window, but the pastries are terrific! I hope the bakery stays open with a new owner that knows how to bake European pastries.

  5. A little history for those who are interested. My grandfather, Oskar Christensen, started the Danish Bakery in 1930 and ran it as a bakery and deli. He and my Grandmother came over from Denmark in the early 1920’s. They sold it in 1944 to Willy Andersen, another Dane. Mr. Andersen sold it to The Pitzners in 1967. So, it does have a long and proud history in Burien. Hopefully the tradition can continue with new owners.

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