WABI-WWW Logo Square 125Come join the second walk of WABI Burien’s Weekday Walkers on the third Wednesday of the month – Sept. 18 – at 9 am., starting at Grand Central Bakery in downtown Burien.
“In honor of school starting, we’ll walk by a current school (Seahurst Elementary) and a historic school location (Lake Burien School Memorial Arch),” reads an announcement. “An optional extension goes to Highline High School.”
WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 18; meet at 8:45 a.m. in order to leave promptly on the walk at 9 a.m. (consider supporting your local business by coming earlier and ordering one of Grand Central’s splendid pastries!).
WHERE: Grand Central Bakery, 626 SW 152nd Street (the letter “A” on the map below).
PARKING: Along SW 152nd and behind the library.
TRANSIT: Meeting place is within walking distance from Burien Transit Center, 628 SW 151st St.
ROUTE: The loop starts from Grand Central Bakery, goes east, then north, then west by Seahurst Elementary and Lake Burien Memorial Park, then back eastward to the bakery. The route, mostly flat, is about 3 miles (about an hour). An optional extension to Highline High School and back to the bakery is another 1.2 miles.
Here’s a map:

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Historical background: In 1926 a new Lake Burien Elementary School replaced a smaller building constructed in 1914. Lake Burien School was closed by the Highline School District in 1976, and operated for some years as a private school. When the building was demolished in 1993, the cast iron ornaments from the school entrance were preserved in the Arch in the park, constructed in 1994.
For more history, see the City’s web page about the Lake Burien School Park history.
Lake Burien School Memorial Park 3
Lake Burien School Sixth Grade Class, 1925
Lake Burien School Memorial Arch and a WABI walking group.
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