The City of Burien is excited to join Walk-n-Talkers this Sunday, June 4

From our friends at WABI Burien: Burien is developing an update to the Transportation Master Plan and Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan and wants to hear from local community […]

Join WABI Burien Bikers and cycle along three area waterways on Wednesday, May 24

Walk and visit the MaST Center in Des Moines this Saturday, May 20

Walk n’Talk the ‘Indian Trail’ this Sunday, April 2

Here are some ‘Ride Smart Biking Tips’ from WABI Burien

Walk-n-Talking Groundhog will not see his shadow this Sunday, Feb. 5

Join WABI Weekday Walkers in Des Moines this Wednesday, Jan. 18

Start 2023 with a Walk-n-Talk around Shorewood this Sunday, Jan. 1

WABI Weekday Walkers will walk North SeaTac Park on Wed., Nov. 16

‘Walk-n-Talk’ through Burien’s Chelsea Park this Sunday, Nov. 6

WABI Weekday Walkers will walk Seahurst this Thursday, Oct. 20

Westward Walk-n-Talk from Town Square to Lake Burien Park is this Sunday, Oct. 2

Join WABI Weekday Walkers in Normandy Park on Wed., Sept. 21

Labor Day weekend Walk-n-Talk to Mathison Park will be this Sunday, Sept. 4

WABI Weekday Walkers headed to Waterworks Gardens on Wednesday, Aug. 17

10th Annual Public Art Walk-n-Talk around Burien will be this Sunday, Aug. 7

Walk Seahurst Park with WABI Burien Weekday Walkers on Wednesday, July 20

Indian Trail Walk-n-Talk this Sunday is rich with history and views

WABI Weekday Walkers will walk Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden Wed., June 15

WABI Walk to Duwamish Hill Preserve will be Wednesday, May 18

See local stone houses and a new bridge during WABI Burien ‘Walk-n-Talk’ this Sunday

Wander with Weekday Walkers through Normandy Park on Wednesday, April 20

Spring is in the air and it’s time for a Walk n’Talk around Lake Burien this Sunday, April 3

WABI Weekday Walkers will walk through Des Moines this Wed., Mar. 16

Look for spring green on WABI Burien’s ‘Walk-n-Talk’ down to Seahurst Beach this Sunday