EDITOR’S NOTE: This article has been updated with the correct, current budget total.

Highline Public Schools 2022 bond is funding construction of a new synthetic turf field and new track at Sylvester Middle School in Burien.

The project’s scope is to cut and remove existing sod, sand, cinder track, and curb, and install a new Synthetic Turf Multipurpose Field.

Work is also being done on:

  • A soccer mini-pitch donated by the Seattle Sounders/RAVE Foundation.
  • Grant-funded modular restroom building.
  • 8-foot perimeter fencing around the track and field with access gates.

UPDATE: KCDA/Field Turf Northwest is the contractor, and the current project budget is $3,321,700 (previously reported as $1,751,488).

The project was initially estimated to be completed last summer, but due to the added features and increased environmental requirements to protect Miller Creek, the timeline has been extended to this summer (2024). 

Sylvester Field Improvements Site Plan: This is the proposed site plan showing a synthetic turf field in the same location as the existing field, with markings for soccer, football, long jump and high jump, as well as new track lane surfaces. The plan includes a soccer mini-pitch donated by Seattle Sounders/RAVE Foundation and a permanent restroom building funded with a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce.

The mini-pitch and the restroom shown in the site plan above will be located at the southwest corner of the field, in the space between existing portable classroom buildings.

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