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Burien’s skyline is graced by a new bouquet!

Let’s Walk-n-Talk this Sunday, May 5, and stroll by the new DESC Bloomside mural, facing west toward the afternoon sun. The mural was designed by Burien resident, Angelina Villaloboswho wrote:

“I am the artist / designer of the mural and I am also a Burien resident. Kathleen (Warren) and Lina (Cholewinski) are OverallCreative and they installed the mural on behalf of DESC and I, and are both incredible. 

“The names on the mural (see detail photo) are dedications to 3 beautiful people that have passed on. Laurie was my boisterous momma, Maria my grandma who raised me, and Ana a dear friend we tragically lost. Since this mural is the largest one to date, I wanted them to be a part of it in some capacity, especially in the light of what DESC, Bloomside, and affordable/ compassionate housing represents. All of them would be so incredibly proud of me and this project.

  • Date and Time: Sunday, May 5, 2024. Meetup at 2:00 p.m. Walking starts at 2:15 p.m.
    Walk-n-Talks happen rain-or-shine, smiling and talking all the way, no matter the weather.
  • Meetup Location: Burien Town Square Park, on the grassy knoll. 480 SW 152nd St., Burien WA. 98166. See the map below.
  • Route: From Town Square, we’ll walk east to 4th Ave. SW, wrap around Merrill Gardens, then west along the new Metro H-Line route on SW 150th. At 8th Avenue SW, we’ll be facing the new DESC “Bloomside” Supportive Housing facility, where we can marvel at the new mural. (801 SW 150th St.)From here, we’ll cross at the new lighted intersection, and walk westward to Lake Burien School Memorial Park. Then we’ll head south, and back to Town Square Park. The total distance is about 2.5 miles, much of it with sidewalks.
  • Who: You! The monthly Walk-n-Talks are open to all, including friendly four-leggeds. Walkers are encouraged to walk at their own pace, fast or slow, and may walk all or part of the route.
  • We are in our 13th year of the monthly Walk-n-Talks!

Questions? For questions, comments and suggestions, please contact Maureen Hoffmann at

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