Start 2023 with a Walk-n-Talk around Shorewood this Sunday, Jan. 1

From our friends at WABI Burien: Start the New Year of 2023 with a leisurely Walk-n-Talk around the Shorewood neighborhood this Sunday, Jan. 1, 2023, starting at 2 p.m..  We’ll have […]

WABI Weekday Walkers will walk around Seahurst on Wed., Dec. 21

‘Walk-n-Talk’ through Burien’s Chelsea Park this Sunday, Nov. 6

Labor Day weekend Walk-n-Talk to Mathison Park will be this Sunday, Sept. 4

Indian Trail Walk-n-Talk this Sunday is rich with history and views

WABI Walk to Duwamish Hill Preserve will be Wednesday, May 18

See local stone houses and a new bridge during WABI Burien ‘Walk-n-Talk’ this Sunday

Wander with Weekday Walkers through Normandy Park on Wednesday, April 20

Look for spring green on WABI Burien’s ‘Walk-n-Talk’ down to Seahurst Beach this Sunday

Walk along the Green River Trail this Wednesday with the WABI Weekday Walkers

Discover local waterfalls on this Sunday’s Walk-n-Talk

WABI Weekday Walkers to loop around Lake Burien on Wednesday, Jan. 26

Start the New Year Sunday with a leisurely & spontaneous Walk-n-Talk around Shorewood

Kids looking for a fun new sport? Titans Lacrosse recruiting for 2022 season

Shorewood neighborhood Walk-n-Talk will be this Sunday, Dec. 5

Venture & Walk through Waterworks Gardens in Renton on Wednesday, Nov. 17

Bundle up for a blustery Walk-n-Talk with WABI Burien this Sunday, Nov. 7

Hike with WABI Burien at Seahurst Park this Wednesday, Oct 20

WABI Burien Walk-n-Talk will be at North SeaTac Park this Sunday, Oct. 3

Weekday Walkers to wander through Walker Preserve this Wed., Sept. 15

Walk-n-Talk to Rose Acres Hidden Sculpture Garden in Burien this Sunday, Sept. 5

Laura Kennedy Gould walks on, Audrey Lipps walks in to help WABI Burien

Manhattan Park Walk-n-Talk will be this Sunday, June 6

Resident wants to start Burien Running Club

Walk ‘N Talk around Chelsea Park this Sunday, Mar. 7