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WABI Burien
If ever there were a beautiful day for a Burien Public Art Walk-n-Talk, it was this last Sunday, August 4. Twenty people gathered on a sunny afternoon at the Burien Community Center Annex, near the skate park, to begin the walking tour of Burien’s Public Art. The walk also launched WABI Burien’s third year of its monthly Walk-n-Talks.
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Gina Kallman, from Burien’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (PaRCS), led the walk and spoke about each of the twenty art pieces viewed. She gave biographical and historical information about each piece.  (Three art pieces are outside of the city center and, therefore, were not included on this walk.)
Burien PaRCS recently finished its project, working with Maureen Hoffmann, to develop a walking tour, printed map, signage and web site for twenty-three pieces of art in Burien’s public realm. These pieces include those owned by the City of Burien, King County, King County Library System, and a private owner. The maps will be available for free at Burien City Hall, the Burien Public Library, the community center and annex, Discover Burien, local businesses and other public venues.
When those in the walking group arrived at the “Dancer” sculpture, located in front of the King County District Courthouse, they were joined by sculptor Philip Levine, who spoke about the creation of the Dancer and other pieces of his work. Walkers heard about his casting and production processes and some of the thinking behind the project.
The walking tour began at the Community Center Annex, wound through Dottie Harper Park, to the Courthouse, the Transit Center, the Mural, Library and City Hall, Town Square Park and along SW 152nd St. We ended with special iced tea* and snacks at Phoenix Tea in Olde Burien.
* A blend of 50% Nilgiri from India and 50% Dian Hong from Yunnan, China, without any sweeteners.
The Burien Public Art site is a subsection of the City’s web site. It provides more in-depth information about the artists, their background and the materials used, as well as additional photos.
When looking for a comfortable stroll around town, and wanting to discover some of the artistic gems around town, consider taking the Burien Public Art walking tour. You’ll likely find something that’s new to you.
Walkers head south from the Community Center Annex toward Dottie Harper Park.
This is one of the new public art signs, now installed around Burien. Keep your eyes open for the bright blue background, then read about the art piece nearby.
Walkers stopped at one of the sculptures located in Dottie Harper Park, “Ghost Dancing”, by Richard Beyer.
Local sculptor, Philip Levine, talked about the creation of his piece “The Dancer”, located at the courthouse.
“The Dancer” by Philip Levine, was nicely silhouetted against the day’s blue sky.
Frequent walker, Dave, stopped at “Waiting for the Bus”, located near Bartell’s, with Public Art Map in hand.
Walkers admired Augustina Droze’s mural “Sacred Circles” from across the street.
Some of the walkers posed at the base of “Helios Pavilion”, by James Harrision, at Burien Town Square Park.
Sybil, from the organization “Burien Arts”, and Kathya, from the Burien Arts Commission, enjoyed the ice tea and snacks offered by Arts Commission Chair, Virginia Wright, at Phoenix Tea in Olde Burien.]]>

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