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The Letter to the Editor recently published by The B Town Blog endorsing Cydney Moore failed to disclose or address the incredibly divisive and dysfunctional conduct of Cydney Moore in her role as a member of the Burien City Council. I’m concerned that Burien voters will see that endorsement and vote without being aware of the negative impact that Cydney Moore has had on the Burien City Council and Burien city government during her time as a member of the City Council.

Moore’s divisive conduct has been documented by The B Town Blog and other media and contributed greatly to the City Council’s inability to deal with the highly visible homeless encampments in Burien. While a Councilmember, Cydney Moore took action in direct opposition to the City Council’s decisions, advocating for the homeless to occupy City owned property when the goal of the City was to remove the encampments around City Hall and the Library. This was completely inappropriate conduct for a member of the City Council and should not be tolerated by the voters of Burien. Vote Cydney Moore out of office. Then she can advocate as a private citizen, not a City Councilmember, and our City Council can function more effectively. 

I encourage Burien voters to vote for Linda Akey, the City Council candidate running against Cydney Moore.

Marco Spani

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  1. Cydney wouldn’t need to push the council if the majority actually did something and if the mayor knew how to run a meeting.

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