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If You Oppose Heroin Injection Sites in Burien You Probably Shouldn’t Vote for Cydney Moore

Burien has no shortage of issues those in power should concentrate on. Among this year’s group of city council candidates a number of these issues have been touched on, but one candidate has put an issue above all others. That’s Cydney Moore and her support for heroin injection sites. This gives those of us who don’t want to enable heroin use a chance to have our voices heard.

On Cydney Moore’s campaign website she touches on an assortment of topics like raising the minimum wage to $16 an hour and universal basic income. But on her campaign’s social media pages she has mentioned legalizing heroin injection sites dozens of times in the past couple months alone. She’s mentioned no other issues more than three or four times. This won’t be too awfully surprising to those who know that her introduction to Burien politics was an opinion piece on this very site in support of heroin injection sites. She’s as close to a one issue candidate as you can get without openly being one. Putting one issue at the top can be fine, but should that one issue really be allowing heroin use?

Moore’s opponent Joel Manning has said on several different occasions this year and during his 2017 attempt at city council that he is categorically opposed to heroin injection sites. Manning lost in 2017 by less than 300 votes.

I have admiration for Moore’s convictions and her opinion but frankly I couldn’t disagree more and most of my neighbors feel the same. During a national heroin crisis we shouldn’t as a city be enabling and allowing its use. Not to mention that we shouldn’t be telling our citizens that it’s okay to ignore city, state, and federal law. They all say heroin is illegal.

If you support heroin injection sites Cydney Moore is probably an exciting candidate for you. If you don’t, there’s a lot of reason to be concerned.

– Heather Carlile
Burien resident, 17 years

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