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My Priorities For Burien As A City Council Candidate

On Monday The B-town Blog published a letter from a reader making claims about my priorities for the City of Burien that do not accurately represent me. I would like to clear up any confusion or misinformation the writer of that letter, and any others, may have regarding my goals for our city. 

Addressing poverty in our community is the main focus of my campaign. Poverty rates impact our health, crime rates, education, and our economy. Because Burien’s poverty rate is well above the state average, I have proposed a bold set of initiatives to help address this issue in our city. These include:

  • Raising our minimum wage to a livable standard 
  • Building more affordable housing
  • Providing more support to the most vulnerable, including shelter to move our homeless off the street

People who have spoken with me can attest that these are the things I talk about with a passion at community forums, festivals and events, and when knocking on doors for this campaign.

In addition to the above issues, I have taken public positions on dozens of other topics, including some related to harm reduction strategies for those suffering from drug addiction. It was these statements which evidently prompted Monday’s letter.

My position on harm reduction is to defer to the experts in the field. I look to respected institutions and professionals who have studied these issues for decades, have extensive experience, and have demonstrated success reducing the harms of the drug epidemic. I look to organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization that advocate for needle exchange programs, and the American Medical Association and King County Public Health, which have determined that supervised consumption facilities, or safe injection sites, offer substantial benefits to the communities they serve, including reducing injuries, the spread of disease, and overdose deaths. 

I believe Burien deserves leaders who aren’t afraid to strap on their boots and get their hands dirty. I believe we need to elect people who are willing to do the hard work it takes to keep our city safe – at city hall, and out on the streets. And I believe we need people in office who aren’t afraid to have tough conversations or speak out on important issues, even when it may not be politically popular. I am asking for your vote, but I will not pander. Win or lose, I will keep speaking out, keep working hard, and keep serving our city. 

I have meet and greet events coming up on October 5th from 6 to 8 pm at the School of Professional Home Inspection, and on October 20 from 12:30 to 2:30pm at the Salmon Creek Café. I hope you will take the opportunity to come get to know me, and learn about my priorities from me directly, even if you disagree with some of my ideas. I think you’ll discover how much I love our city, and my dedication to building a brighter future for Burien.

– Cydney Moore

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