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To the residents of Burien,

Since my political opponents feel the need to continually raise my religion to attack me, I feel the need to clarify my position. I believe in the separation of church and state.

I also believe in service. I believe in service to my community to make it better. I believe in service to help those in need. And yes, I believe in service to my local government to try and improve the lives of all of its citizens who live here.

I co-founded Transform Burien 17 years ago with 12 minsters of all faiths with the goal of helping those in need in our community. I’m proud of Transform Burien and that my faith called me to help the less fortunate in our city to make a difference.

I believe the same hope and compassion that inspired founding Transform Burien can help guide solutions to the issues facing our community today. As we close out this election cycle, I am sure many more negative things will be said. No matter what else may be said about me, I will remain focused on the issues because I want to serve Burien.

– Martin Barrett
Burien City Council

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