The DubSea Fish Sticks, a local collegiate baseball team that plays at Mel Olson Stadium in White Center, is calling on the community to open their homes to players this summer.

The team expressed gratitude to those considering becoming host families, highlighting the unique opportunity to engage with the team and become integral members of the DubSea Fish Sticks family.

From June through July, the Fish Sticks host collegiate baseball players from across the nation. These athletes join the team to sharpen their skills, aiming to advance to higher division levels or secure starting positions on their current teams. Many of these young men harbor dreams of playing professional baseball, and summer collegiate baseball offers them a platform to pursue this goal.

Host families play a crucial role by providing room and board, as well as transportation to and from the ballpark. This support enables the team to attract players from diverse locations, strengthens relationships with college baseball programs, and enhances the team’s competitiveness. More importantly, it helps players connect with the community and leaves a lasting positive impact on their baseball careers.


Host families are expected to offer a family environment, helping players adjust to life away from home. Players arrive in late May and stay through the first week of August.

Host families provide free room and board to these players during the 2-month Pacific International League season, the ability to get to and from the ballpark every night, and a family environment to help players transition to a new and sometimes foreign community. While players are developing athletes, they are still young men who are learning to adjust without Mom or Dad, and their families to provide. Host families help bridge that gap. Players begin arriving at the end of May & beginning of June, and stay through the first week of August.


As a thank you to opening up your home and families to these players, and allowing them to live free of charge in your home, host families are provided with the following benefits:

  • A $150 monthly stipend to help cover costs
  • A season ticket for each member of your household
  • A free t-shirt for each member of your household
  • 20% discount on additional team store merchandise
  • A night at the ballpark where host families will be welcomed onto the field and recognized for their contributions.

“We aren’t just bringing in a group of the best baseball players we can find, we are bringing in some of the best role models we can find. These guys are looking forward to giving back to our community” –Todd Coughlin

More Info/How to Apply

For more information or to apply as a host family, click here, email Justin at or call 253-310-6602.

Mel Olson Stadium is located at Steve Cox Memorial Park in White Center:

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