Burien businessman John White, who first got attention for his disdain of the city’s parking regulations by writing a Letter to the Editor to the blog (read it here), has created a video explaining his concerns: [youtube]https://youtu.be/C_vj1i1i8cw[/youtube] White’s letter – which has received 68 Comments as of June 29 – also got the attention of KIRO-TV, who did a story about the issue on Monday (June 29): ]]>

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15 replies on “Burien businessman makes video about city's parking issue, gets on local TV”

  1. The current city council is the biggest ROADBLOCK to new business opening in Burien. It is almost impossible to open a shop, restaurant or anything unles you have the $$$ to pay for the city permits.

    1. Actually, the problem exists because of previously enacted policy. The Council can only fix what is brought to their attention, and makes the best business sense for Burien.

      1. And they spent most of their first year trying to “protect” Lake Burien. Tells you their priorities. Yet, this weekend how much fireworks waste will go off on the barge and fall into the lake? With three council members in the Lake Burien neighborhood and their big fireworks show every year its a wonder why fireworks enforcement is lacking.
        QA might just say that they’re (3 Lake Burien council members) are trying to keep the pee out of the lake?

        1. Wrong again there “PPP” they spent the first year (and still) utterly and absolutely frustrated with the nonsense and grandstanding of your hero Lauren Bezerkoitz. You single out Lake Burien and the private property surrounding it, purchased in the free market as a pet project of others, yet your pet was annexation. Pot calling the kettle black and so on, and on.

  2. There still are more questions than answers to the overall motive of the letter to editor. A business man that has enough money to go on a jog and end up buying a mansion on a beach. It’s most likely not that hard for him to get a story on the local news. That ultimately could make burien look even worse. Just because someone wants to cuts cost on fire safety codes. In doing some more research seems as if this john white has some other issue on some motor cycle forums in not really providing answer’s to some question and trying to type his away around the questions and issues . When his company crazy horse had some trademark issues
    here is a link to warn you it’s 166 comments
    I also find it funny that in one of his reply he is proud that his engine has made it on the tv show American choppers. Witch as most know is another scripted fake reality tv show that’s filled with utter nonsense. That does not really teach much of anything about motor cycles more or less makes you think bad about motor cycle riders as if there all roid raged morons when there really not for the most part.

    1. Jimmy, why are you attacking John for bringing a real issue to our attention? He’s identified a problem (vacancies in downtown Burien). And he has identified three possible causes for this problem. He also presented his findings in a compelling way (which brought media attention). I applaud his effort. Now, if you disagree with his hypothesis, let’s discuss that.

      1. No I am not really trying to attack him it’s just odd that he brought up in the comments about expanding a friend of his business and not wanting go by the fire safety codes saying their to expensive. But if his friend business is expanding then the profits should and most likely will expand to. Meaning that the cost to expand would be paid back to the owners in the first couple of years of business for most part. But now when these question’s and comments were brought up about this he has gone into a hiding mode. I guess you could call it and not answering these question’s or stating his real motive in this. Then in the newscast he not mention a single word about his friends business or the fire codes. He just talked about the parking
        Also with the amount of businesses in burien of coarse if you offer $100 for a story you most likely will find some one with a issue. Plus the fact the news station also tend to pay people for a story to.
        So if does not have other motives than he sure is acting a little strange about this.

  3. “It’s really hard. We have to go around the block like three times before we actually find a place” to park. How about park on SW 153rd, or along one of the side streets AND WALK A BLOCK OR TWO TO YOUR DESTINATION! If people here can’t find a parking spot in front of the location they’re going to, they say there’s a parking problem. Is there any question about why there’s an obesity problem in the U.S.? WALK. You’ll discover all sorts of other places along the way, and likely have a conversation you might not otherwise have.
    How is a small restaurant, or any other small business without its own lot, supposed to “provide” parking? Explain to me, please, how that’s supposed to happen.

    1. I completely agree that people need to walk more. There is a business next door to mine, we have our own private lot in a “strip mall”, that when all of their parking spots are taken – the customers actually park on the sidewalk! It is completely utterly ridiculous that people are so worried about parking right in front door/store they are shopping at, that they would rather park on the sidewalk than three feet away – on the street.
      I have NEVER had a problem finding a place to park in Burien, but it is because I have no problem walking a block or two – even if it’s raining.

  4. I am pleased to be able to have several good options in Burien for restaurants and concerned that the cost of parking sounds like a big problem for Olde Burien in particular.
    I agree with walking as a very reasonable option when needed but also would like input as to when the City Council of Burien will be next addressing this issue.
    Having a thriving commercial atmosphere can only be good for the City. Costly roadblocks for successful businesses sounds very counterproductive.

  5. I agree with the writer that the parking codes here are too extreme. We should be setting this city up as a walking/cycling town so parking spaces shouldn’t be the primary block to a business setting up. I know people who have businesses in DT Seattle that do not have to have accessible parking for their storefront only, we should do the same. I would like to point out that several of the buildings/spaces that are shown in the video aren’t necessarily vacant due to the city codes, but to extreme purchase/lease prices that the owners of the properties are asking. I have inquired on 3 shown in the video and the asking price per sq. ft. is in alignment with AAA rated space in Seattle. Most of these properties need extensive remodeling and this is including bringing them up to any code standard that the city has set. Let’s not place all the blame on the city…

  6. Take a drive over to West Seattle and try to find parking, good luck. While you’re at it, look around at the new condos with retail below going up on every corner. Burien tried Burien Town Square which was supposed to be 4 units not just 1 with retail below, EPIC FAIL. I am a former business owner, I vote and pay attention. The City of Burien is perhaps one of the most small business unfriendly communities I’ve ever seen. 10 years, TEN years and BTS has a Subway. Burien needs to go back to school, they have no idea how to run a city. Tax payers should be really pissed. I don’t know John White personally so I don’t know if he’s on the up and up but I certainly am glad that someone is holding Burien’s feet to the fire.

    1. Shelby, you do know that the retail at Burien Town Square that is empty is private property and not owned by the city? And that the last two units of the square are now under construction. And there was an epic recession in the economy just as the new condos were about to open? Delayed yes, but failure? I’ll wait to decide that until the new buildings are ready for occupants to live and shop in downtown Burien. Check back here two summers from now.

  7. Well if you think about this parking issue. If the city can’t get the money from the businesses for these parking spots then there going to get it from the consumer. So looks like burien could end up with pay by hour parking. You have to fiqure the money from these spots goes in to city buget. So ether the city will have to raise taxes or charge for parking.

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